Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017: Greetings from Itabuna!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great week. I definitely had a great week. It was a week of transfers and I was getting to know my new area and companion here in Itabuna. It is going well though.

Eating my last big sandwich in Ilheus:)

On Monday I had to say goodbye to Ednaldo and his family. Super sad. haha I have gotten to know these people very well. I have been able to see and observe how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has transformed their lives. Once again, they thanked us and bore testimonies of how better their lives and relationships with one another are because of the Gospel. It has really strengthened my testimony of the Gospel. I will never forget them. I gave two puppets that mom made to the two kids and a shirt and tie to Ednaldo. I will also do a Christ drawing for them. Ednaldo let me choose one of the paintings that he had done to take home with me. He wanted me to take a giant boat painting, but I chose a smaller painting of boats with a yellow background. It was really cool though. 

Ednaldo's Paintings!
Ednaldo gave me the yellow painting:)
I arrived in my new area Wednesday night, ate a little bit and went to rest. The next fews days I have spent learning my new area and meeting many new people. The members here are awesome. They give a lot of food! So maybe I will gain weight! ;) haha My companion is a great guy too. He is very smart and knows a lot about the gospel. He is the oldest Zone Leader on the mission and has shown me how to be a really good Zone Leader. 

That was basically it for the week though. We haven´t had too many crazy stuff happening. I am just getting to know everyone and the area. But I really enjoy it here. It is a great area. 

Self Portrait in 40 minutes...
I love the gospel and the work that I am doing. The spirit is so strong. I love feeling the sprit and being led by it as I teach. My testimony has been solidified. I know that Jesus Christ lives. That he suffered for us. I believe that through the mission and hard situations, we come to know the Lord on a much stronger scale. I find myself wondering "Why" many times. Why did this happen? Why did they turn us down? Why did I get sick?... Etc. But I have come to the understanding that these things happen for our personal growth. A Sword cannot be reinforced with out being beaten, a pencil cannot be sharpened without being cut, so in turn, a human cannot grow spiritually, without being tried. I love this work. The Gospel is true!

Elder Davis