Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28, 2017: Workin like a Dog!


How is it going everyone!!! Sorry about that short email last week... I will type more in this email.  Sometimes it just gets tiring to type so much on the computer. I don't have the strongest fingers so they tire out quickly.;) BUT yeah. This was a good week my friends.

SO like I kindly stated in my email from last week, the mission president came down and interviewed us. So that was good. It was quick, but good. 
Elder Jenkins and I
Also, Elder Jenkins (One of the assistants) has been doing splits with us this whole week. Which was really great. He has helped out a ton. We have found many new great investigators and have had a great time. We also figured out that he knows Miles Anderson. Pretty cool. I guess they went to school together. 

SO yeah this week we did a tonnnnnn of walking and finding and teaching and it was soooo great. The mission is so great when you work your butt off! I absolutely love it! It had been a little tougher to work hard with my comp because he is finishing off the mission. BUT things are improving! 

The city of Itabuna!
What weights look like for poor us!

We have found a lot of cool people. AND it looks like in the month of September we will have quite a few baptisms. We have quite a few baptismal dates. The firmest baptism that we got so far is a girl named Emilly. So she was excommunicated 3 years ago, but on splits my companion ate lunch at her moms house. The Elder that he was on splits with shared a message and his testimony touched Emilly and gave her the desire to finally be re-baptized! So we have been working with her to get her all the way ready. Now the bishop needs to approve it and clear the date we have set. So we are just waiting on him. But within 2 or 3 weeks she will be baptized. That will be exciting. She has completely changed her lifestyle. 

After that we just taught a lot of new people! So we found one guy named Venicius that is really really interested but also kinda nervous about everything. He is really smart and has toonnnns of doctrinal Bible questions for us. haha. We are meeting with him tonight at 6 so hopefully that goes great. But in the closing prayer of the lesson, he prayed to be baptized and for the church to grow!!! Super cool.

Anyways this week was great. Elder Jenkins and I got a little sick though. He got really sick on Saturday actually. He threw up 5 times in the night... Pretty rough. But we are getting better. Luckily I haven't ever thrown up on the mission... 

Anyways that has been the week so far!! I have been studying about the sons of Alma the younger. I love all of these stories. BUT I love the counsel that he gives to them. I really loved the counsel given to Shiblon. He didn't tell him much but in the verses he tells him some powerful stuff!! So give that a readin! Love you all!!

Elder Davis

Thursday, August 24, 2017

August 21, 2017: HEELLO!


So we dont have much time to email today... 

We have some interviews with the President and things to do. But I am doing good! SO basically this was a good week. haha WE have done some good work. My comp has had some rough things going on with his family. His dad has been to court because a lady has false claims against him. But the court is going badly. So he is getting really super stressed. So that is a brief explanation of it all.  So we are going to solve all that today. So because of that we don't have much time. Sorry guys. But this was a good week! haha

Really quick, in my studies, I have read a lot about the anti nephi lehites in Alma 24. I love that story. I thought it was an amazing act of faith by them and very inspiring that they got rid of everything that had to do with their sins and were true to their covenants. So I love you all! Sorry that this is so short!!!!

Love you all!
Elder Davis

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017: Zone Conference

HEY everyone! 

I hope everyone is doing well! haha

This was a quick week!!! AND unfortunately, I don't have too much to talk about to you guys. 
"Road of the Mormons"

Monday we played volleyball and I DESTROYED... hahha The net was pretty low or I was pretty tall, But it was super easy to spike down on everybody. So my team kept winning. Pretty great. haha I like volleyball but I wish I would've learned how to actually play correctly when I was younger. 

Lasagna at a members
Family Night
Tuesday was a normal day..We taught some people, had some good lessons, and prepared for the Zone Conference. We had 8 elders sleep over at our house for the conference. PRETTY NUTS. haha on Wednesday we had the Zone Conference. IT was good. A little long... but good! haha We had to give training as the Zone Leaders. My comp just wrote everything down and President and I taught how to give baptismal dates in the way he wants. It was good! I enjoy giving training.

Cool light thing
The other highlight of the week was the service project we did! ON Friday we helped a family clear out a bunch of dirt and stuff and help build the house a little more. BUT, while the other elders were doing that, the lady had me sculpt a sculpture of Hulk for her son that is coming home from a mission. I gladly did that instead of  hard labor. haha I was doing it and the lady passed by and saw the sculpt and started crying because she was so thankful. Super cool. She couldn't stop thanking me for helping her. I guess she was super stressed about all the stuff she had to do before he got home. I am almost done with the sculpt. When I finish I will send a picture to you guys. 

Dog drinking Coke haha
I also had a cool spiritual experience. I reread the first vision and it really hit me. The importance of this message and this work. I love this work and I know that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God.  I love you all!

Elder Davis

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017: We are the EGGMEN!


Well this week was another good one! I am loving this new area. It is great. The people here are super cool. I love these members. It is funny how similar they are to people I knew in Utah. There is this member that is just like Kris and Jeff Dunn. They are soooo cool.  The mom figured out that I do art and gave me a huge checklist.  That will be fun. haha 

Elders from our Zone!
So this week the big highlight is the mission counsel.... I feel like it should be council.. but in Portugues it isn't... and it is the mission president´s counsel for the zone leaders. Stupid English. haha

ANYways, Monday we played volleyball. That was really fun! I almost sprained my ankle though. I landed on it weird and it is still a little tender. We also had a zone activity because we had good results for the month. SO we went to a Rodizio de Pizza. It is like Tucano´s but with pizza. It was pretty good! haha 

Tuesday night we packed up and left for the meeting/counsel/council thingy. haha It was a 7 hour bus ride and I didn´t fit in the bus - I never fit in the buses- So I didn´t sleep too well. But, It's all good! We got there super early in the morning and stayed there until super late at night. It was a good meeting though. Learned a lot about what we can do better as ZL's. It was also fun because I got to see Elder Prado, Castlemain, and Jenkins again! I love those guys! haha Then we left back to our areas and got to work!

ON Saturday we went on splits with the elders from the area California. It was great. I went with Elder Thevenin from the Dominican Republic. Really cool guy. He is a great friend. We had a good time and taught a really cool family. The spirit was super strong! It was a real testimony builder!! haha Well, I love you guys so much! 

ps. I was studying in Alma and read chapters 4 and 5 and loved it! They are really powerful and a crazy situation that happened to them! I encourage you all to read it! Love you!

Elder Davis