Monday, April 9, 2018

April 9, 2018: Group email...finally...sorry mom...and everyone bad


How are you all? 

Well, I didn´t really send a email last week... my bad. But, it´s all good. I just wanted you guys to miss me even more so that this email could be even better. Does that make sense? Well, last week was good. Just in case you were all wondering. I don´t really remember what happened anymore. That is when you know it was a good week. When there isn´t any bad, marking memories. haha No, but it was good. I loved general conference. That was boss. That was super spiritual and really confirmed my testimony that Russell M Nelson is a prophet of God. Not because of the changes or anything, but just because of the Spirit that I felt. BUT, the changes seem really cool too. I am excited for all that. Ministering really brings out the true essence and importance to home-teaching. So I am super excited to do that.... I basically am already doing it though... right? haha

This size bag of Doritos is SUPER rare... and expensive... and it has a different taste... it isn´t as good.... haha
So, I think I told all of you individually, but we had the transfer. I am now going to the other area inside the same ward boundaries. So now I will be with Elder Gomes (the other AP) We asked to be able to be companions because we think that it will be better for when we have meetings and need to travel to conferences. BUT, we will see. Two new elders came and will fill my old area. Their names are Elder Rallison (from Arizona) and Elder De La O (from El Salvador). So this week I have been showing Elder Rallison around the area and introducing him to all the investigators so that he can take over. I did get to work in my new area a little too.

In our new area, Elder Gomes has been teaching a lady named Sorania. She has almost been baptized for 3 weeks straight, but always something comes up. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted and bore her testimony to us. So it seems much more solid this time. So that will be exciting. The Spirit was very strong in those lessons. Especially when she bore her testimony to us and we bore ours to her. 

It was also quite fun working with Elder Rallison in my old area. He is a cool guy. We get along really well. We were teaching a lady who asked us to teach her and the lesson was going well. Then, we realized that she is kinda crazy.... hahah She was saying a lot of random stuff and told us how everyone thinks that she is crazy and she was put in a crazy hospital, but that she isn´t crazy. While she was telling us this, her aunt passed by behind her and made a crazy gesture, referring to the lady. Then the crazy lady started talking more about how everyone called her a ***** and how she isn´t a *****. hahahaha She then said really? a ***** I´m not a *****, I don´t have a problem with the *****´s but I´m not a *****. When she was saying all this I just had to bow my head into my hands to hold back from laughing. It was sooo weird. hahaha So at the end we left a Book of Mormon with her, bore our testimonies, invited her to church, and left. haha I´ll let you know if we hear from her again. 

My Zone
This week, I have studied quite a bit about the Priesthood. President Nelson talked a lot about it in his talk during the Priesthood session and I decided that I need to study more about the power which I have been blessed to hold. It was very interesting to read and study about all this. Doctrine and Covenants have a lot of good info on it! I read about how the power of Godliness is made manifest through ordinances of the priesthood. I took a while pondering about that and it took me into an even deeper study. It was super cool. I would encourage all priesthood holders and others to study about this amazing gift from God. I know this power is real and has a real influence in our lives and I hope to be able to use this power in my life to bless others. Love you all!

Elder Davis

P.S I didn´t break any other people´s covenants so I am on a roll! ;)

Monday, March 26, 2018

March 24, 2018: Apagao!


Well how are you all?

This was a great week. So for most of the week we were in a trio. Elder Gomes (the other AP) was travelling until Thursday. So it was Elder J. Barbosa (my companion), Elder Lluberes (His companion) and I. It was pretty different working in a trio. There were quite a few interuptions during the week because of it too. But, either way, we worked our hardest. 

One of the best days of the week was Wednesday. We headed to a bus stop to go to the District meeting htat was in a different part of the city. When we were in the road it started raining like crazy. Like, it started flooding in the roads and everything. So that was super crazy. We were waiting under a little overhang for the rain to stop but it never did. So once it let up a little we continued heading towards the bus stop. On the way, there were parts in the road that were sooooo flooded that to cross the road we had to just walk through a pond of water. SO instead of just our clothes being soaking wet, my shoes and socks got drenched too. that was super uncomfortable. haha Once we arrived at the bus stop, it was sooo packed with people under the overhang that there was no space. So we waited in the rain for a bus to come. After like 10 minutes of waiting we decided just to head back home. We were super cold and drenched and thought that it wasn´t worth the trouble. haha So we got home and dried all our clothes and shoes off and played a quick game of Catan while waiting for everything to dry and for the rain to stop. I won. Then we went to lunch and stuff. 

Right after lunch we were teaching a lesson and during it the power went out. Later that day we learned that the power was out in a big part of northern Brasil. I´m still not sure what caused it. But yeah it went out. So around 5ish or 6sih everything starts to get dark. We had a few lessons marked but they were in some very ghetto places and many members told us not to go there because of the blackout. So we headed home at around 7:00. When we got to our apartment, I went to grab the keychain that I always attach to my belt loop on my pants.... and I realized that I had left them on my pants that got drenched early that day. SO the keys were locked inside the apartment. Pretty funny. You just gotta laugh at moments like these. The other elders were going to break the door down, but I told them not to and we talked to the doorman and got the keymaster´s number. It was pretty cool because the whole day we had been trying to call people to no avail. BUT, when the doorman called the key guy he answered!! So he came and opened up the door in less than 15 sec and we had to pay R$80. lol. But it all worked out. At home we organized and cleaned the house and I deep-cleaned the bathroom because of the extra time that we had. Then we played another quick game of Catan. I won again. I am just so good....  and humble. hahha 
I am making a sculpture of a disney cartoon styled person...
Whenever I have time I sit down and mess with it a little bit. 
Anyways that was a pretty funny thing about this week. For p-day this morning we played Catan too, I won again. Yeah. You guys better watch out. haha Yeah but all the other days in the week we worked super hard and did a TON of contacts to find new investigators. We found a lot of new potential investigators. Hopefully some of them work out and go to church. We marked to visit with them this afternoon. SO YEAH. 

I drew a caricature of a teen in the ward. He bought me a star wars pillow and I did a caricature of him...
A fair trade:)
This week I have been studying the book of mormon about the questions that the servants of God do. It is really interesting and it is really easy to see the pattern of how we should teach others. I have made it a goal to use more meaningful questions during my teaching and I have already seen a big difference with the effect it has on my investigators. I love learning about my Savior and know that as we do, we feel peace! It is just like the song Peace in Christ quotes, "There is peace in Christ, when we learn of Him." Click here to listen to Peace in Christ

I know that studying and reading the scriptures is one of the best ways that we can learn of the Savior, and by our actions because of what we learned we can become more like Him. I love you all! Have an amazing week!

Elder Davis

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 19, 2018: A Poor Travelling Man of Happiness


This was probably one of the craziest weeks of my mission. But, it was great. haha I was out of my area the whole week!

So, on Monday I was told that I needed to travel to Itabuna and from there I would go to Porto Seguro to attend the Zone Conferences with President Bangerter. For this trip, we had to prepare a TON of material and cut a bunch of paper and stuff. It took hours and was quite interesting. THEN, that night, I went back and packed my suitcase for the week. We then went to the Bus Station and I headed out to Itabuna!

I arrived in Itabuna 5:30 AM and went and took a shower and changed my clothes. Then, we went straight to the Zone conference. We had a Leadership meeting at 7:00 and then the normal zone conference started. It finished about 3:00 PM. Then I went with the Zone Leaders from Itabuna and worked in the area with them. It was a good division. It was a good opportunity to help the Elders in their area. It was really cool because I was able to see Two members that are basically my brasillian parents. They are so awesome. 

That next morning I helped clean up the Elder´s house becuase it was a mess and then at 10:30 AM I left with President and Sister Bangerter to Porto Seguro. It was like a 4 hour drive. It was cool. We listened to church talks and had some good conversations. We ate lunch during the trip and got there around 2:30 PM. I then went and worked with the Elders from Baianão! My first area. It was really cool. I missed that area. It brought up some feelings of nostalgia. I saw some members. It was fun to talk to them more. Because when I was at the start of my mission I couldn´t do that as well. haha 

The next morning on Thursday we had the Zone Conference in Porto Seguro. So we woke up early and got there at 7;00 AM for the leadership meeting. Then after that I went with the Zone Leaders to their area in Eunapolis. We had to take a bus to get to their area. We ended up getting there late at night. We visited some people and then ate pizza.haha

I love SODA so much!!

Friday we worked in their area. It was fun I like both the elders. Elder lee and Elder Hilton. I accidentally put some soda in Elder Lee´s juice and then he drank it... But he doesn´t drink soda.... He had made a covenant to never drink soda again. He was going strong for 7 years.... And I kinda ruined that. lol. Felt bad about that. Technically it was on purpose, I just forgot that he didn´t drink soda. So yeah that was great. THEN, I got on my bus at 7:35 PM and travelled the whole night back to Salvador.

 I arrived 7:00 AM and went straight to the house of Santa Cruz. Took a shower there and changed clothes. Then, I went with my companion to the Open house that was happening for a Chapel that would be rededicated. So from 10-5:00 We were out in the sun doing contacts and trying to get people to go in the church and see what it´s like. I became a lobster. I got so sunburt. Totally forgot to put on sunscreen and nobody there had it. Then we got back to our area and went to work. Crazy huh? 

So yeah this week was pretty crazy. But I had a good time. There was a devotional that I listened to with President and Sister Bangerter that I really liked called "Love is not Blind" by Bruce C. Hafen. It was SUPER good. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to all of you. He said some really interesting stuff. 

Well, Thanks for all your letters and support. Love you all!!
Elder Davis

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March 5, 2018: A Good Ol Week


This week was pretty crazy but it was really good. I really enjoyed it. 

Visit to the Lighthouse
Things are going well here in Salvador. We had a cool little miracle. So we had a meeting with President Bangerter on Monday. We heard some crazy announcements. Elder Bednar will visit Salvador and do a transmission to the two missions. Also, President Bangeter said that I will be the one to direct the meeting.... hahaha So I am excited! At the end of the meeting, he told us that we may find an investigator that will be baptized this week or the next week, so we should give it our all. I didn´t think much of it, but we went to work! We had a great lesson marked with a teenager named Daniel. He is a great investigator and is making a lot of progress. He unfortunately wasn´t there. Which, was kinda weird. He is almost always there. So we kept walking and passed by a less active´s house. Also not there. We climbed a hill and had the impression to visit an old investigator of the previous Elder that was serving in my area. I had passed by many times but she was never home. BUT, as we passed by, HER LIGHT WAS ON! So we called her name (Maria). She came out and asked us to pass by on Tuesday. After that we started heading home because it was getting late... but I had another impression to visit a less active member. We went there and my companion reminded me that she had surgery marked for that Monday to take out some breast cancer stuff. Her husband let us in and she shared with us her experience and told how she had a dream with Christ during the surgery. It was super spiritual. 

Then Tuesday we went and visited Maria. She had already been taught everything. We revised the lessons with her and she told us that she was sad that she wasn´t able to be baptized earlier because she had been travelling. So we gave her a baptismal date for that Saturday. She accepted. We continued passing by throughout the week to ensure that she was fully prepared and ready. 

Saturday on her baptism it was crazy though. I went to a lighthouse for P-day with the other Staff Elders. It was fun. We then had a great lunch with one of the Mission Counselors. We got to our area around 3:30

The baptism was marked for 5:00. A member was going to stop by Maria´s house to go to the church with her. They lived close to one another. We waited and waited. Finally 5:30, the member shows up alone shaking her finger. She told us that Maria was locked in her house and that her mom had left with the key in the morning and still hadn´t arrived. So we ran over to her house. She was on the balcony crying because she was stuck there and wasn´t able to be baptized. We waited and called her family members various times. Finally, right when I pulled out my phone to cancel the baptism, her mom shows up in the car. She got out and unlocked the door and Maria was able to be baptized. It was pretty sweet! haha So it was awesome how all that went together. 

Baptism of Maria
This week I have been studying quite a bit about the Plan of Salvation. I think it is soooo interesting and really helps me understand better who I am and why I am here. D&C is fulll of amazing sections that talk about all that. I studied 76,130,138 and some other sections. LOVE IT. haha

Well, I love you all and hope you have the best week ever!

Elder Davis 

Monday, February 26, 2018

February 24, 2018: Uma Benção de Paz


How is everyone?

This was another great week for me here in Salvador. It was crazy though. It was the start of the new transfer. So, everything got really busy.

Monday we met with President Bangerter and we discussed what would be taught in the New Missionary Training. Also, we talked about what to train to the Trainers. It was great. Then, we printed out and prepared all the necessary documents.

Tuesday, we woke up early and went to the Mission Home. We had the training for the Trainers first. Then, the newbies arrived and we trained them. It went very well. It was fun to see how excited and new they were. Haha It brought back many memories from when I first got on the mission. Overall, this lasted the whole day. We got home at 9:30, planned with our new companions and went to bed. My new companion is Elder Barbosa. He is from São Paulo, Brasil and has 3 months on the mission. He is the newest companion that I have ever had. He still doesn´t know a lot about the teaching techniques that we have. So we have practiced a lot, and we will continue to do so. 
My new companion, Elder Barbosa and Herbie:)
Wednesday, we woke up and did our normal stuff. hahaha We got to work and found some good investigators and the teaching went well. We work together really well. It is weird though. A big part of the teaching depends on me. He doesn´t know what to say yet. But, by the time he leaves here he will be a pro. 

Joshy "writes" again...
Thursday, we had a cool experience. So we worked hard and had a good time. At night, we had been asked to go to a member´s house to dedicate their house. Their new-born baby has been having trouble sleeping and the parents don´t get any rest because of it. We went in their house and they already looked really tired. I explained the basics of dedicating a house and invited the father to do it.... But, said he preferred that I did it. So I did. We knelt down. The mom stayed in the chair with the baby in her arms. In the dedication, I blessed that the house would be able to be a sacred place and a place in which the baby can find rest and peace. When we finished the dedication, the Spirit was super strong... almost tangible. ANND the baby was fast asleep. That was super cool to see. So we quickly left them in peace. After, my companion said that he felt like someone had turned on a light in the house. Like, the surroundings got brighter during the prayer. Our eyes were closed, but he said that it got brighter. So that was pretty cool to hear. 
I love Brazilian Food

Friday, we worked hard yesterday too. Things went well. At one point our lessons fell through so we decided to say a prayer and ask for direction. After the prayer, I asked my companion if any thought came to his mind as to where we needed to go. He said that the thought "The house will shine" came to his mind. AND a light turning on in a house across the path from us. So we went and clapped our hands there. Haha We got accepted in to a family a 6 people! All the kids are teenagers! It was a good lesson but everyone was busy getting ready for school and stuff. So we will return next we to teach them again. It was still a cool experience to find them like that. 

WHELP, Thatthathathathat´s all folks! That was my week. It was great. I love the mission and being about to take part in this work! I love you all!

Elder Davis

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February 17, 2018: A Good Ol Normal Week!


I have to say I am pretty sore. I have been doing some intense chair dips this week and that just about killed me. I also did a few push-ups. #fitness

I have had a great week though. Honestly, things are going well and I am loving the mission. This week we have worked hard and visited a lot of people. We had some great lessons and found some great new investigators. Unfortunately, a lot of appointments fell through also. So that was rough. But, we kept working hard and doing our best! We found an awesome family through a member referral. Their names are Ramão and Jamili. They are great people. The lessons went very good as well taught them this week. They are very sincere and receptive. They understood the 1st lesson very well and loved the Book of Mormon. That is always awesome when we have the opportunity to find people like them. 
Random sketches...
I have had a great time with Elder Thevenin. He is a great Elder and we are good friends. Sadly, the transfer has come to an end. So I will be getting a new companion. That´s good though. It´ll be a great new experience.
So, today we had the opportunity to help President do the transfer. It was a great learning opportunity. We prayed about the missionaries and followed the Spirit to place them where they needed to go. We ate an american Brunch. That was tasty. haha We had Eggs, Bacon, and Pancakes. It has been a while since I have had a meal like that. 

This week I have been studying about Alma´s counsel that he gave to his three sons; Heleman, Shiblon, and Coriantumr. They are some great chapters and have a lot of amazing things. I thought that reading about the resurrection and the Plan of Salvation was super interesting. (Alma 40-42) These chapters contain a lot of deep doctrine and many eternal truths. I would invite all of you to read it! You´ll love it! 

Well, I know that this week is shorter....also I am aware that I forgot to take pictures this week.... my bad. I´ll have to take double this week! Love you all!

Elder Davis

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 10, 2018: A Fun Crazy Week

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Apartment.... Goood Morning FLooooor 

(Name that movie) haaha Love that quote. I don´t really know why. 

ANNNYWHO, I hope everyone is doing well! Hope the week has been good for you all.

This week was super crazy and it also was pretty fun! 

So, Monday we had to work hard to prepare all the materials and stuff for the Mission Council that we had on Wednesday. We printed out and prepared a lot of things. So that was Monday. haha 

Me, Elder Gomes, and Elder Rodrigues
Tuesday, we did splits with the Zone Leaders from Porto Seguro. That was a good experience. We worked hard and got to know them better too. I stayed with Elder Lee. He is from Seattle, Washington. We had a great time! We worked hard and I was able to give him advice for some problems that he was having on the mission. We taught a man named Valter Caetano. Love that guy. He is really cool and very sincere. We were able to teach his whole family and they loved the message. However, in the morning on Tuesday, we met with the Mission President to plan what we were going to do for the mission council and to follow-up some other stuff too!

Wednesday, We had the Mission Council. It was a great meeting. We learned a lot of new things that we can do to teach better. We were also able to lead some of the trainings which was a great learning experience as well. The meeting ended around 4. President did some interviews and at 5;30 he went with us to our area to teach and see how our work is going. It was kinda stressful, but is was a great learning experience. He teaches very well and I learned many new teaching techniques. We taught a new family and the spirit was very strong. 

Thursday, We did splits with the Zone Leaders from Itabuna. That was also great. haha I worked with Elder Souza. He is a good elder and is from Manaus, Brasil. We had a lot of fun and taught some good lessons. Also, Thursday, Carnaval started in Salvador. Which is like a HUGE party here in brasil. It lasts a WHOLE WEEK. In it, half the city leaves the city and the other half goes to the crazy party the whole day. Luckily the party doesn´t happen in our area or we wouldn´t be able to go in that area. But, there isn´t too many people in the streets. hahah But, even so we are working hard.

Playing the Piano:)
Friday, we worked and taught a few less active members and we found some new investigators. It was a pretty normal work day. IT WAS SUPER HOT THOUGH... I was dying. Like, seriously, it was soooooo hot. I don´t think I have ever sweat that much. 

So yeah that was my week. This week I have been studying a lot in the book of mormon. I love that book! I find so many important things that help me in my life. I also read an article in the Liahona (Ensign) called "Ask in Faith" Ask in Faith Link It is a new volume of church history that is written in a very interesting way. It is like reading the Way of Kings or something! It is super interesting to read and there is a ton of information in there too! So I really liked reading that. You guys would like that a lot! SO give it a read! I love you all! Have a great week!!

Elder Davis