Saturday, July 29, 2017


Greetings, greetings unto all. 

This week was a great week to end the transfer! It was super crazy though. Let's See...

WE HAD THE BAPTISM! I was sooooooo happy to be able to be there for their baptism. I was able to baptize Edaldo and Mayana and my comp baptized Sofia (Their Daughter) The whole week we were basically preparing for this day. 
Ednaldo, Mayana, and their Family!

It was quite the experience to baptize on the beach. Some of the waves almost knocked us over! I was a little nervous going too deep in the water because I didn't want to get stung by another jellyfish!

SO the first part of the week we visited Ednaldo and his family. We talked about their doubts and they weren´t even worried about anything at that point. They said that it doesn´t matter because they knew that this is true. 

We had quite the experience on Sunday as well. We had a little bit of apostasy going on... hahahaha But everyone is learning how the church works so we just gotta be patient and laugh. 

Also this week we celebrated a member´s birthday, a boy named Charles. We had a surprise birthday party for him. I bought him a birthday cake but we first gave him just a package of like oreo cookies and he got all teary eyed because that was the only present he had got. Than we gave him the cake and he loved it.

Charles and his Birthday Cake! 
The surprise Birthday party with the youth!
I have been transferred. I am leaving the good old town of Valença and am going to stay in the same zone. I will serve in Itabuna as one of the Zone leaders. My companion´s name is Elder D. Santos. He is a cool guy. I am very excited and I am sure it will be a great experience.

Picture of my district!  The guy in the flowered shirt is my companion...Elder R Santos
The Beautiful City of Valenca!

One cool spiritual experience this week. We found a new family to teach. They loved our message and were super happy. They told us that our messages and what we believe in is so clear and just makes sense. AND IT IS TRUE. The gospel is plain and simple and it changes lives. Dont ever forget it! Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!

Elder Davis