Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 29, 2017: Crazy Week

SO my friends and family.

I am loving it out here in the city of Valença. It is going great. I am learning many new things. The food is not too bad anymore. In fact, I have made french toast quite a bit this week. I just gotta find some syrup to put on it. haha But it is great. 

This week was definitely an adventure. We had a great lesson last Monday. They loved it. We will teach them again tonight. The first part of the week was pretty normal. One of the coolest things is teaching seminary. This last week was my first time teaching. I decided to teach because I was fed up with the way two of the missionaries taught seminary. They didn´t prepare anything and nobody learned anything. So I taught and we learned about John 4. It was really great. I taught them about what I learned in Jesus the Christ in relation to that time period and the relationships between the Jews and Samaritans. They really enjoyed the lesson and so did I. So I might do that more often. 


Saturday we had quite the experience. Elder De Melo (the District Leader) and I had to go to a neighborring city and hour away called Ituberá. It´s a cool place. So we took a bus over there in the morning. There are quite a few members over there and they had friends they wanted us to teach. SO we ate lunch there and after we taught a lesson to 10 people!! hahah It was crazy but it went very well. I drew out the lesson in the way our mission president taught us and it held their attention very well. We taught the first two lessons together because it is tough to go over there. I needed to go pee before we even started the lesson. Incidently, I drank a liter of soda the night before and hadn´t emptied it out. SO this lesson was about 2 hours long... Near the end of the lesson I was ready to EXPLODE. I literally thought that I would pee my pants. I have never felt that way before. I was in so much pain and worry that I was sweating.... We taught the lesson with a member and he wouldn´t stop talking! Finally they passed it over to me to bear my testimony and invite the people to come to church. I just said "I know the things we taught are true, in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Sister, I have a question, can I use your bathroom?" hahahaha So I went and luckily did not have an accident. I peed for like 2 minutes straight. It was a very crazy experience. The lesson went very well though. The spirit was very strong. haha 
We stayed for dinner at a different member´s house and at 7:00 we took the bus home. 

Me and Elder De Melo
ALSO, We had a great experience on Sunday. We taught the first lesson to a family that we contacted earlier in the week. We taught the family and the spirit was very strong. At the end of the lesson, nobody wanted to move. They accepted to be baptized. I talked to them about the importance of praying to receive an answer. The man told us that he has had visits from churches before. But, we have something different. He told us that because of this feeling, he knows that it is true. I explained that he was feeling the Holy Ghost. They loved the lesson. It was such a cool experience how God helped us find and teach these elect people. I know that depending on God in His work is crucial. We must be worthy, follow the rules, dilligently seek, and the Lord will provide.  This family was so cool. The guy is an artist! He does a lot of oil painting. So we immediately became friends. haha but that is how we broke the ice. Just talking about art. 

ANYWHO, this week was great. The SPIRIT is so real. I love feeling that when I teach. It is so amazing. I love this work. I know that it is very important and that it is the best thing I have done in my life. I love you all!

Elder Davis