Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017: I Should've applied "The Giver" in my life...


I should´ve applied the Giver in my life... or the Hunger Games, or Divergent. Basically the fact that Utopias don´t exist. haha 

Valenca at Night

So I was super excited to go to this new area in Valenca. I hear so many awesome things about it. But, it wasn´t what I was expecting... haha It´s still good though I am still loving life. My companion is Elder Lucas. He is a cool guy. He was in the army. So he´s a little idk how to explain it. But he doesn´t want to show weakness. He is very head strong in things. But President Bangerter wants me to help teach him and show him what I learned with Elder Prado. But it will be good. haha  

The house is nice so thats good. We just eat rice and corn meal with cut up sausage in it for lunch every day. We usually don´t eat anything for dinner. Lunch we eat some bread. So I think I might get a little skinnier here... hahaha 

The place here is a group. We met for church in our house.  Its 4 floors.  The bottom two are the church and the classrooms.  We had 12 people at church on Sunday so it´s struggling to grow and be strong. But we are working our hardest to help it out. When I got here the atmosphere that the other elders put off was that this area sucks and that they are just counting the days until they leave. But I want to help this place be better. If they are happy the spirit will be stronger and they will want to work more.

SO this week I don´t have much to report. I left on the ferry boat on Tuesday to my new area. I had to drag three suitcases tied together with my shoulderbag.. It didn´t really work out. So in the end some Brazillians helped me out. I then took a 3 hour bus ride and then I arrived. When I got there, nobody was there. The elder that dropped me off at the ferry boat forgot to call for my companion to tell him when I was coming. So I waited there for 3 and a half hours. Luckily, a member sells popcorn at the bus station so he helped me get to the house and meet my comps. It was an adventure!!

The rest of the week we have just been doing a lot of finding. The teaching group is really small here so we need to help it grow. So that was pretty much it guys. Here is a cool experience I had... 
This week I have been praying to find the elects of God. We had a cool experience in which God placed a man in our path. I had a prayer in my heart that whole day. While walking to a bairro in our area, a man called from us from behind. We stopped and began to talk with him. He told us that he is a member from Salvador, he served a mission and that he wants us to teach his cousin that lives in our area. It was really amazing that out of nowhere, I received an answer to my prayer. We have marked to visit this family on Tuesday. It was a very humbling experience for me that God is controlling this work and helping us every step of the way.
(Wow I love copy and paste... Saves so much time and work...)

Anyways, I love you guys. Hope you are loving life. I can´t wait to see you on Sunday!

Elder Davis