Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017: Eight Meses

SO Everybody how is it going?

TRANSFERS has happened this week. So that is exciting. I will be going to Valença. My companion will be Elder Lucas. I heard that Valença is a great place. I have been wanting to go there for a long time. It has a milkshake place called Mr. Shake. It sounds so good. So I am excited to try that! The area has a little group. I will do what I can to help it turn into a branch. So I am very excited to go there. It´ll be awesome. I will leave tonight or tomorrow morning. I have to pack up my bags though... 

8 months out on the mission!
Honestly, I am pretty sad to leave this area. It is a great place. I have loved having Elder Prado as my companion. He is my favorite comp so far. We have a really similar humor so it just worked well. We never got bugged at each other or anything. It was a lot of fun. But, this next transfer will be great as well! 

Feeding Monkeys! 

I don´t have too much time to talk today... but this was a great last week. We had some really great lessons. The spirit was very strong. I was teaching the restoration. While I was teaching there was a ton of little kids in the room. I was worried that nobody was able to hear or pay much attention. I kept teaching though. The kids just got louder as I got closer to the first vision part. But, as I began to say the words ,"eu vi um pilar de luz, acima de minha cabeça...." The whole room went quiet. It was the strangest thing. The craziest kids just stopped talking. After I finished the account, they started talking again. It was a really humbling moment. 

Sculpture I am working on...
We found an elect family. We found this family through contacting a contact that Elder Prado did. It was so awesome. Elder Prado opened by asking two deep questions. He asked what they loved most, and what they feared most in life. They responded and their responses had many connections with the Plan of Salvation. We felt that we needed to teach the Plan of Salvation before the Restoration. We taught it and the Spirit was present and very strong. The investigators had their eyes glued to us as we were teaching. They loved the lesson and had many great questions as well. We left their house grinning. The next day we met to make sure they would go to church. They said they still would and that they had searched up and watched Joseph Smith: A Prophet of the Restoration. They loved it and felt very similar to Joseph Smith. They came to church on Sunday and were well-integrated in the ward. The investigators commented about their experience during Gospel Principles. The members became very excited. They started teaching our investigators the entire first lesson. Afterwards, a few members told us they wanted to do visits with us and that they especially wanted to visit that family. It was very cool to see how excited the members were by just a small conversation with the investigators. It is exciting to watch members become more involved in missionary work. Through this experience, my testimony really grew about the importance of utilizing the members in the work. It showed me how to excite the members so that they can become more powerful missionaries as well. 

Anyways That was it for this week. Also, I watched the Cokeville Miracle. I invite all of you to watch that movie. It is very powerful.

Love you all!
Elder Davis