Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017: Murphy's Law


This was a great week... So let´s just get right to it.

The first part of the week, the assistants were gone. They were on splits with Elders in other areas. So Elder Roberto and I stuck together and visited people. It was just dandy. 

Live long and prosper...
Last P-day we went to a lighthouse! 

The Highlight of the week was Friday. Elder Costa from the seventy came over. He is really cool. He gave a training for us. All the missionaries from the city went there. AND we got really good lunch too! But it was really cool to hear from him. He was really really funny. He said that our mission finds the most new investigators in Brasil... but we have to baptize better. But he showed us a lot of things and gave us some animo para o trabalho. He shared his testimony. It was very powerful. It´s so cool how he was converted to the gospel too. He said that he has the knowledge that Jesus lives. It isn´t just a testimony. Also he said the same about Joseph Smith being a prophet.
My companion Elder Prado!
I really like my companion, He is my favorite!
SO the best part was what happened after the meeting. The assistants had to go to the office with Elder Costa and President so they left super fast. They forgot to give us one of the phones too. Also, I didn´t have any cash with me. So that was bad. We had to take a bus back to Brotas. I ended up getting money from a missionary. We got on the bus. But, the problem was that we didn´t know where we needed to get off... yeah, it was bad! Right when we get on the bus we also got hit with a GIGANTIC sleep wave. Elder Roberto sat in front of me and within 5 minutes he was already out cold. SO I knew... that it was all up to ME. I was so close to falling asleep. I kept nodding off. It was super tough! haha But I guess I fell asleep a little. I woke up and the area looked familiar. I thought we needed to get off. I told Elder R and he checked with the bus guy and the dude said it was the place. So we got off the bus.

The eye of Sauron
When we get off the bus, we realized immediately that it wasn't the place. So that was bad. We had no more money.. So we decided to walk and follow the direction in which the bus went. We were walking for a while. Then it started to rain... just great. I didn't have an umbrella. Elder R did though. We open it, and within 20 seconds the umbrella broke... Just greater... haha So we kept walking, wet, in our suit coats, in the rain. After about an hour of walking along the freeway, I look at the sign and it said Itapuã. Which is where we started from... So we just started laughing.. almost crying. But laughing. We said another prayer for direction and asked someone for directions to Brotas. He told us it was super far away. That we needed to take a few buses just to get there. He told us that we can´t make it on feet. But we just started walking. An hour into the way, Elder R stops and was freaking out. He looked through his suit coat and realized that his camera had fallen out of it while we were walking. We kept going though, just singing hymns. We finally got home. After asking a few more people for directions. It took us 3 hours and 45 minutes of walking along the freeway.. Barril. But honestly it was pretty fun. We were happy. 

I found a cool soda brand...
When we got home we just collapsed on the floor. After 5 minutes Elder R asked if I wanted to go do one last visit of the night. It was 8:30. I will admit that I didn´t want to. I was very tired. But we went and visited one of my investigators that lived close. Her name is Edna. We gave her a gigantic triple a week ago before she left on a trip. She was back and had read the ENTIRE thing. IN ONE WEEK! She loved it. It was really cool to talk to her about that. 

Anyways that was it for this week. I love you guys! Hope you are doing great! 

Elder Davis