Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 10, 2017: I AM SAM!

Well hello hello all.

First of all, Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!! I am having a great birthday. We played some great games of basketball this morning! haha

SO this week was great... But, this week, being my birthday, I really don´t feel like writing this letter. So just know, this is taking all of my strength and willpower. 

So Monday was good. I cut my hand though... So that kinda sucked. I was walking and my hand hit a metal thing in the back of a truck. It wasn´t like one of those arm twitching attacks. I just walked into it... I honestly don´t know how it happened. Pretty embarrassing. But, at first I didn´t see any cut so I kept walking. But, after 2 minutes I looked down and realized that my hand was covered in blood... It was really bad. SO I had to walk into the supermarket and get it cleaned up. It looked like I got stabbed by someone. It´s all good though. It´s better now. 

On Tuesday we had training with the President. It was training for all of the Zone Leaders. I attended the meeting though. It was very cool. It was interesting to see how everything worked in the mission according to numbers. After I went on splits with Elder Johnson. He is a black american Elder from Texas. He is one of the coolest guys ever. I love that guy. He is studying at BYU too. He is going home really soon though so he will probably be married before I even get home. But, he is awesome. It was a fun time. We were walking back home and speaking in English. We passed by a lady and told her "Boa Noite" She answered back "Good night guys" hahah We freaked out and started talking with her. She is fluent in English because she lived in Italy and London for ten years. She has a funny accent though. But we went into her house and we talked with her some more. We talked to her about the word of wisdom because she said she wanted help quitting. So I taught her about it quickly in english. It was REALLY weird to teach in english. Didn't feel right. Then I said the prayer in english. It was weird to say a prayer in english out loud. But anyways we visited her two more times and gave her a Book of Mormon. She loves to read so she said she will read all of it. We will have to see what happens. OH, and her name is Edna. 

So the rest of the week we taught people but this one elder was with us. He usually travels to help out struggling elders but he was getting some exams done at the hospital. So he sayed with us. He is a really different guy. Him and my companion are really great friends. They are both like 5´1. So it was weird walking around in a trio. He got pretty annoying though at the end of the week. He just didn´t want to work as hard as we did. So it just got in the way of our work. But, I was basically just third wheeling this whole week. I realized that I was just like Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings... Yep. I was with Frodo and Gollum. But he left on Sunday. So I am free. I don´t need to third wheel anymore. 

Third wheeling it with Frodo and Gollum...
BUT that was my week. OH we also committed one of our investigators to baptism! His name is Paulo C├ęsar. He is way cool. So his baptism will be this Saturday. But Pray for him to help him have the strength to go through with it, no matter the opposition.  Anyways I love you guys. I also have one thought that my companion shared with me. Nephi, when he is tied up on the boat,  he prays for strength to break the bonds, according to his strength. It then says that the bonds were 'loosed' . He didn´t break them, but instead they were loosened and he got out. There is a really cool principle in there. Let me know what you guys think about that!  But, remember to ALWAYS depend on the Lord. He will deliver us through his way and will. But first, we must Remember him.

(Whelp...The camera isn't showing up on the computer...lol. But I think I might have an opportunity to send pictures to ya this week.  I will try my hardest.  HaHa Sorry.)

Love you all,
Elder Davis