Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 3, 2017: My worst ENEMY Stairs!


Hey guys! How´s it going? This was a good week! There unfortunatleawskjsly wasn´t a ton to talk about. But it´s all good. I will explain it all to you guys.

So Monday Night I said goodbye to everyone and left at 10 at night. I got in Salvador way early in the morning. Then we went to president´s house to see the training. He gave the training for all the new trainers. I went too because my companion had to help with the training. It was good but, just really long. It was a long day with little sleep. We then got home way late at night and I just crashed into the bed. haha It was bad. 

Picture of Brotas Salvador (from the web)
On Wednesday I got a taste of the Hills.... So first off, in Salvador the whole land is really hilly. It´s full of hills. There is nooo flat roads. Its just a ton of really steep down hills or up hills... I dont know if that makes any sense. But anyways the two APs had to go to a meeting all day, so they told me and the other companion of the AP to find a lot of new investigators and less actives. It was funny. We had no idea what we were doing. We tried to follow some addresses to find less active members. BUT, the addresses here SUCK. They are terrible. There´s #1087 and the house right next to it is #32. So we just walked up and down hills all day and didn´t find very many people. It was really tiring. I felt like Poe the Panda... There is so many hills. And the houses are built really randomly and on top of each other. It is really cool. I will have to take a picture. A lot of the 'roads' are super tiny alleyways. You can´t fit two people side by side. Anyways that was the day.. haha The rest of the few days it was tough to work because my companion was in meetings.

I felt like Poe the Panda...
We had a cool experience where we found a family of investigators. When we were teaching the lesson my companion started. I did the part about Joseph Smith. My companion later said that the spirit was very strong. He wanted me to invite them to be baptized. So he pulled out a pamphlet and wrote "invite them to be baptized" He was slyly holding the pamphlet right in front of me.. But I still didn´t see it. I finished bearing my testimony and then looked to my companion to let him do the invites. So he just handed me the pamphlet. But I had no idea what to do with it. I just looked at it blankly.... it was an awkward moment in the lesson. Then he finally pointed at the sentence. haha And I said "Oh, so we have some invites for you guys..." haha They told us that they aren´t prepared at the moment but when they are, they will be. It was awesome though. Really really funny. We got out laughing. So that was basically it during the week. 

General Conference was sooooooo awesome!! I loved it! It was a little tougher to pay attention in Portuguese. I had to focus to make sure I got everything. Because the speaker in the chapel wasn´t very good so the voice 
didn´t come out clearly. Also, when you walk around all day, and dont get a lot of sleep, and eat lunch right before the session, It is VERY VERY hard to stay awake. I didn´t sleep through it but it was tough. One of the elders slept in every single one. I don´t know how... I think my favorite talk was Elder Uchtdorf´s in the priesthood session. It was way good. 

Another really cool moment was on Sunday night I think... yeah sunday night. Me and my companion got home and we had a Freestyle rap. It was way funny. He was rapping and I was doing the beat. I basically just said "yeah" a lot of times. It´s nice to talk in english sometimes. My companion is Brazillian but he is completely fluent in english. He was studying at LDS business school.

WHELP that is pretty much it for the week. I love you guys!!! Have a great week! I hope you all can remember the teachings we received in conference and utilize it in your lives.

(I won't be able to send pictures because the computer I have doesn't have a USB port...really weird!)

Elder Davis