Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017: Josenilton


Hey everyone, this week was another great week! It was quite the adventure. Lets see... so nothing super crazy happened. BUT, we did go to zone conference in Itabuna. We had to take a 3-4hr bus ride on Wednesday night to get there. We arrived at 2 in the morning in Itabuna. We slept over at one of the missionary´s houses. Other Elders were already sleeping over there. So... they didn´t have any more beds. Lucky I slept on a broken bed. I should´ve taken a pic of it. But it was sagging into the box spring. It wasn´t very comfortable. I didn´t fit on the bed either. But, it worked. I slept. haha 

SO the next morning we woke up, got ready, and went to the conference. It was a great meeting. It was really great to be able to see Elder Prado, Elder Cuevas, and Elder Castlemain there. I love those guys. They taught a lot of great stuff at the training. We were able to learn a lot and learn what we needed to do better to help our area. 

So this week is going to be a great week of work. That was the biggest highlight of the week. We ended up getting back in Valença at 3 in the morning. We ended up walking through the rain with boxes of Book of Mormons in our arms. It was scary because a homeless guy started following right behind us asking for money. We kept telling him no but he didn´t stop following us. It was weird. But, we got home safely. 

I also tried Acarajé. It is a famous food from this area of Brasil. It is kinda like a baked potato. It really wasn´t as good as they say... 

Another cool experience was teaching Primary again. SO these kids are sooooo CRAZY. It is just two kids but they are the roudiest kids I have ever met!  But, my mother gave me the idea to use a puppet to teach them. So this week I did. They loved it. haha I named the puppet Josenilton. It is a pretty normal name here. They paid attention and laughed and it was great. I think I might make a Josenilton fan club. haha!

This is Elder De Melo the District Leader. He is a weird guy. But, I like him a lot. He has a crush on CC and wants her email haha
I have been studying a lot this week about the Gifts of the Spirit. It is really amazing to me that we have the power to achieve these Gifts through diligent seeking. I feel as though this can be very important in our lives. To seek to develope our spiritual attributes. I know that we will have more power as a missionary because through this we will be more aware of our spiritual man and the importance of everything in an eternal perspective. To know more about it read Moroni 10 and D&C 46. I love you all. Have an amazing week!

Happy Birthday Jordan!
Elder Davis