Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017: Well Golly Gee Mister


This was a great week! I have had a lot of fun. One cool thing that is happening right now is that I have the opportunity to talk with an American! I was talking in english with him and everything. SO cool. haha He is a writer and is living on an island closeby. haha

She has a crush on me haha!

So this week had a couple of cool stuff. We went to a member´s house in a different city to help him clean out his water storage and motel. He lives right on the beach. So that was cool to see. And sad too... hahahaha That was quite the experience though! It was a tough clean! haha The storage is made out of fiber... I was leaning against it for a super long time and I got tiny little artificial hairs all over my body. It was itching for the whole rest of the day!

So our best investigators that we have right now are Ednaldo and Maiana. They are a married couple and have two kids. haha We have had amazing experiences teaching them. Every single time we teach them, the spirit is super powerful. We taught the Book of Mormon to them and they started crying. Also, Maiana said she received her answer to her prayer. She prayed on Sunday night to know if this was all true. The next day, on Monday, she picked up the Joseph Smith pamphlet to read it. Right when she picked it up, we passed by her work. I don´t even know where she works. hahah Definitely wasn´t planned. They are really great. The only problem that has came up is Ednaldo got super sick. He can´t really walk around and doesn´t sleep. He will go in for surgery this week I think. So pray for him that his health may improve! 

We also had a cool experience on Sunday. In the earlier part of the week, we were trying to get all our investigators to go to church. But, they couldn´t. I was worried that we wouldn't have any investigators come to church with us. On Saturday, I prayed for help. We planned and left for the day. We had a few lessons fall through and my companion suggested that we visit a man that we taught a while ago. We went there and taught him! It was great. When we invited him to church he said that of course he would go! We were super excited. The next morning, we left early and went to his house to walk with him to church. After 20 minutes of walking we got there, and he wasn´t there. That was rough. I was sad and confused. But, I knew that God helped us the day before. I was hoping and hoping that he would still show up. During the testimony meeting, out of nowhere he just walked into the meeting and sat down! I couldn´t stop smiling. haha It was so great. 

I have been studying a lot about Jesus Christ and his teaching that he gave us. Especially the acts that he did in the last week of his mortal life. I am amazed at His love and dilligence. I know that he lives. His presence is in all things. His light is the power that created all things. 

Elder Davis