Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017: Interesting Stuff

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing great. This week was great here in the fair city of Valença. We had many cool experiences this week. 

Well, the transfers came through. My comp will leave and my new comp will be Elder R Santos. I already served in the same district as him. I will send a pic of him later. A lot of people think he is weird and tease him. So I will try to be as nice as possible and help him out. He is a cool guy. Just a little different. 

So we had a service project this week with a member. We helped him move houses to the house next door. It was really nasty though. He was living in a very poor house, but it also seemed as though he hasn´t cleaned his house for a few years. We had to pull out a lot of rotting wood full of rat poop. The house was full of dust and had a strong smell of urine. Very gross. Anyways that took a solid 4 hours of work. I bruised my bicep when I was carrying the fridge. I think it is because I am so ripped. My skin just couldn´t control it. Unfortunately it turned into a big yellow mark on my arm. It looks like I have leprosy. Just kiddin. 

So after the Service project, my companion got sick. So we didn´t work as hard as usual. Then, the next day, all the rest of us got sick. So we have been sick for the past week. I think it was because all the nasty dust in that house. We are getting better though. 

Other good news...we met with Igor and marked his baptismal date for the 24th of June! He is super excited. He wants to make sure he receives an answer first though. Also, we met with Ednaldo and Maiana. We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My companion and I were super sick. We were sniffing the whole time. But, we committed them to baptism as well. They are very excited and eagerly accepted. So, they will be baptized on the 1st of July. Ednaldo also is going in for surgery tomorrow so be sure to pray for him to heal up fast! They are the coolest family. He wants me to get a Whatsup (an app that is like the messenger app on the iphone) to share art with one another when I get home. haha I am so happy I found a fellow artist. Send your prayers his way so that all can go well!

Happy Birthday Abby!
I have been studying in the Book of Mormon. In my reading, I studied 2 Nephi 2. It was really cool. It was a very interesting chapter. I invite all of you to read that. Nephi talks about Self-Mastery. Self-Mastery is learning how to master the temptations of the Natural Man. Very interesting. So give that a study this week and let me know what you all think! Love you all!

Elder Davis