Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017: Pretty Slow


If you couldn´t tell by the full-caps subject line, this week was pretty slow. haha

I had a couple health issues going on. So I couldn´t work as much. But I am getting a lot better so don´t worry! Also, The last three days of the week was a huge Brasillian holiday here. It is called São João. It is commemorating Jogn the baptist. But, nobody really knows that. It is just a huge party weekend. The whole city shut down. Everyone just listens to suuuper loud music in the road and drinks beer. haha Pretty great. So during the night we didn´t have much success in the work. Everyone had huge parties or had travelled to a different city for the holiday.

We had a good time though. We ate lasagna one day! Also, I learned how to make really good rice. So I will be able to make that when I get home. Now I just need to figure out the beans.... hahah

But, I am loving it out here in the mission. Sorry that this week was pretty lame. I have just been a little under the weather, and would rather not get into the details. haha I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Davis