Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017: Mustard & Mayo Pizza:)

Hey all!!!

I hope you guys are having the best day ever!! Well this week was pretty sweet... haha We were going to have a baptism last Saturday but it fell through...our investigator wants to have a stronger testimony first. (I´m not sure if I told you guys that last week.) We also found out that the child of an inactive member wants to be baptized. She is 8 but we still have to teach the lessons to her. So this Saturday we should have 2 baptisms. 

A Darth Vader thing from last transfer... I just forgot to tape it first so it got wrinkled.

Anyways this was a good week. On Monday we played some volleyball, which was  fun! We then had a family night with a less active member of the ward. It went really well. We shared a message on President Nelson´s talk about Joy. Last letter I talked about joy a bit, I realize I was a little off on what I said Happiness is the end result. It is Life Eternal with God and Jesus Christ. That is why it is called the Plan of Happiness. We sometimes can think that we are truly happy from things we buy or activities we do. But True, Everlasting Happiness is what we can achieve if we get to live in the Celestial Kingdom. 

So the highlight of the week was that on Wednesday, President Bangerter stopped by and interviewed all the people in the zone. Then after we went to one of the churches to recieve the worldwide mission training. The interviews were cool. I really like our President so it was nice to talk to him again. It was based on how well our planners are though... I guess I was taught wrong how to plan. Because I kinda got destroyed in that interview. But it was good. I made the changes that he told me and now I am planning right. So that was a little stressful. It left me in a worried state of mind.. I was worried that President thought I wasn´t a good missionary and stuff (based on the stuff he said). But then I was watching the mission training broadcast and Elder Bednar said to basically not worry about the numbers and everything else and to just focus on your missionary purpose. So I did that. It got a lot better after that. haha

Focus on your purpose (especially during those "bad days").
Or as my dad coached me in basketball..."Just Relax and Shoot!"

After Wednesday we had a lot of good lessons with our investigators. We also found some new investigators. It was great. I was gonna tell some jokes but I ended up forgetting them.... Darn.  haha 

Oh something weird that I didn´t ever tell you is that the pizza here is different. They dont use tomato sauce. Its good but not the same. And everyone uses a fork and knife. AND they smother it with mayonaise, Ketchup, and sometimes Mustard.. Weird. haha But I believe that is it for the week!

An Orc Dude!

 I just want to bear my testimony on the Book of Mormon. I know it is a real book. If you look at it in a literal way, there is no way that Joseph Smith could´ve lied about the book and made that up on his own. I read that there was even a mock trial about if the Book of Mormon is a true book and it won! But I also know through study and prayer that this book is a book of God. I have learned so much of the power it can have in our lives. I invite all of you to read that book more. It will change your lives, just as it is changing mine. 

Whelp, I love you all!! Have an amazing week!!!

Elder Davis