Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017: Life in Ilheus!

Hows it going everyone?!?
This week was good! and kinda boring to explain maybe...haha

This is a picture of my favorite investigators in Porto Seguro Sandro e Joice

But lets start off with my companion. My new companion is Elder Fernades. He is a really really cool guy! He is very crazy... but it's awesome. He likes to do croquet.. I think that's how you spell it. (Like when you use a needle and thread and make scarves?) Well he made a pretty awesome pink scarf.. lol!!! Also he is really good at making dream catchers! haha Yeah, also, he is 24 and he has been a member of the church for 2 years. His girlfriend introduced him to the church, he proposed to her and then went on the mission. With less then one month out, she sent a "dear John" and ended things with him.. hahaha But it's all good now. He has a year out on the mish so now he just jokes around about it.
A weird photo of my comp I just edited on my camera.

SO in the week.....
I got to Ilheus on Tuesday. The house is pretty big because there used to be 4 missionaries there but now it's just us. LETs see, so there´s a senior couple that was gonna come to our house on Saturday and check out and see if our house is clean. haha So we literally cleaned EVERY DAY until Saturday morning. hahah we deep cleaned EVERYTHING. It kinda sucked guys. But we made it! We survived!  Also, the first day my companion didn't have any clean shorts so he just put a shirt on his legs... I'll send a pic. hahaah it was really really funny. 

There is his beautiful bottoms....haha...and he is very short!

Well, also my comp got sick so we went to the doctors. So that sucked we were there for 4 hours... hahhaha The only other notable thing this week happened on Sunday at church... So first of all sacrament meeting was very irreverant. People were getting up and walking around all over the place. It was weird... we are gonna work on that. haha Also, at the end of church in the priesthood room there were two brothers in there. One of them wanted to leave, the other didn't... So the one that wanted to leave got really mad, yelled at him and then started a fist fight... In the church! It was like punching the face, choking each other fist fight. Really ugly. Anyways they got pulled apart but it was weird man. haha So hopefully that doesn't happen again here. But I´m doing good everyone! I hope you all have a great week! Take time to remember Christ EVERY DAY.

This is a pretty good sunset... I have seen way better but never had my camera with me. haha

Elder Davis