Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 2, 2017: The Best Year of My LIFE!

Welll Hello Everyone!!!

2017!!!! This year is gonna be so awesome!! My lucky number is 17!!!!!! So this year has gotta be the best year of my life! haha

This week has been very lame. It was the last week of the transfer. Being the last week my companion got very lazy. He slept in a lot more and he didn't work as hard. I decided not to get mad at him because I didn't want his last impression of me to be that we got in a lot of fights. I shouldn't have done that. I should've stood up for the rules and guidelines of the mission. Anyways while he would sleep in more I studied and then studied some more and other times just sat and thought. I hate doing nothing out here on the mission. I hate wasting my time. It's pretty funny because before the mission it didn't really matter but this time is the Lord´s. Anyways let me fill you in on the highlights of the week.

Monday. We played ping pong and some card games. haha It was really funny. We didn't have a ping pong table but we made it work. It was very ghetto but it was fun. 

Playing Ping Pong

Tuesday I watched the District and finished my 12 weeks of training. We did a lot of verifications. There's a huge number of inactive members in our area. So we went around trying to find them and figure out why they stopped coming to church. We are trying to reactivate all that we can. So that was a good productive day. 

All the other days seemed to merge together.... hahaha It went by very slow and I was a little miserable. I will never let something like this slide again. But this week I did talk to my companion again. I basically lectured him for 45 minutes that he has gotta change and become better. I felt the spirit while doing it though and afterwards he wasn't mad at me for it. I believe that he is now inspired to better himself. He said that he has made some goals and he is going to change. I guess I don't know how much he will change but that fact that he is willing to put in some effort is worth it. New Years Eve was also good. During the night it was as if the whole city either left or was drinking. I guess in the center of town they had a lot of parties and concerts and a lot of other people went to the beach to pull an all nighter. So we visited a member and then spent the night at Elder J. Sousa´s house. He is such a cool guy and a really good friend. We played some card games and stuff. It was pretty cool. 

A donut thingy I found. It isn't as good as normal donuts!

So also, I am getting transferred. I am going to Ilheus and my companion will be Elder Fernandez. AND I am officially a FULL missionary!!! My training is OVER!  BOO YA! haaha Well that's it for this week. Pretty lame. But I did learn a lot from Jesus the Christ too. My testimony of Him continues to fortify. I know He lives and loves EACH and EVERY one of us. Love you guys!

Elder Davis