Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 31, 2016: Pretty Much Average Awesomeness!

Hey all!

This week has been pretty great! haha I made some voice memos for you guys to listen to.

(Voice Recording story my first crazy sight!)

But yeah, so this week was pretty normal. No crazy sights.... lol



On Monday, after emailing, we went and played a game like `speed´ but with soccer. Because in Brasil, missionaries aren't allowed to play an actual soccer game because it gets too physical. lol Ummmm but yeah I figured out that I freaking suck at soccer... It was fun though. After that I finally got a haircut on the mish. My hair was getting sooo long. It was starting to curl in the back because of the humidity. 

We also had a little family night thingy with Remilson and Angelica. She is a recent member and he is an investigator. So we watched the restoration video about Joseph Smith. It was super good. But, Remilson was totally falling asleep in it. Like he would close his eyes and immediately start was sooooo funny. I had to put my fist over my mouth to make sure I didnt laugh. 

Tuesday was good. We just taught lessons and stuff.. but it was really spiritual. I got some sick revelation during personal study and then felt the spirit really strongly when teaching about Joseph Smith. Oh, and here they can't make a ´th´sound so they say, Joseph Smeech. It's really funny. 

Let's see, so Wednesday was pretty long... it was just kinda boring but really good. We had a district meeting and then after that we just knocked all day but none of our investigators were answering... so that sucks. We met a cool old lady named Maria that we taught and committed to baptism. The spirit was really strong and she asked if we could help her stop smoking, so we made a goal with her to smoke less each day. We taught her at 4:00 and she already had smoked an entire we got some work to do. haha The other days were good but my fingers hurt because this keyboard sucks so I don't really feel like typing anymore... Nothing crazy happened though. I still have all my fingers and I´m not going bald yet. So it's all good! haha I have been doing a lot of drawing and I'm gonna send some drawings that I forgot to send in the CTM. If you guys have suggestions for what I should draw let me know and send me a pic of it. Love you All!!!

My Dad

Love Elder Davis

(Here is another voice recording from Josh!)

(Part one)

(Part two)