Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 14, 2016: RAMEN!

Hey all,

Kinda short on time this week.. But my week was super great! It went by so fast. I did companion exchanges a lot. Best part was finding the Brazilian version of ramen noodles! It's the exact same!! So I think I'm gonna start eating that every day. It's freaking amazing. hahahaha Except we don't have a microwave so we have to make it on the oven. But either way.... sooooo good. haha Because all the other snack food here is gross.. 

This was a freakin awesome tree... decided to take a pic of it.. lol
This tree is literally in the middle of the walkway to the church in the center of Porto Seguro.

Besides that not a ton happened. Becuase of all the exchanges we weren't able to teach very many lessons so we haven't had a ton of progression with our investigators. But the lady from last week (that we taught the Plan of Salvation to) told us she didn't want to recieve any more lessons. So that was a big bummer. She was my favorite! But it's all good. 

This is the backyard of the church. It's where we usually play soccer. It's pretty awesome.

Also, at a members house, a kid was watching a youtube video about minecraft. hahaha It was just like Colton. Made me laugh. It was in Portugues though...so a little harder to understand. But yeah that was my week basically in a little email. haha It was beautiful. Anyways I hope you are all doing well!! 

And this is the chapel. We usually go to a little group home in BaianĂ£o. We don't serve by this chapel. It's pretty cool though. It's the only chapel in our zone.
I also just wanna say how awesome the Book of Mormon is. I will do a voice recording of a cool passage. But like, Captain Moroni is freaking AWESOME! He's cooler than any super hero! Whelp, love you guys! Stay fresh!

Little anatomy practice...

Elder Davis