Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 7, 2016: Plano de Salvacao

Oi!! Tudo bem?!

So this week was pretty fast. haha SOOOOO it will probably be a little shorter this week... Não sei.
(Josh's Voice Recording on FAITH)
(Faith Part 2)

So P-day. After I wrote you guys last week, we went to the center to the church. We played that soccer game for like 3 hours. It actually was super fun. I got a lot better... hahaha I was on a team with Elder Rodriguez and he was a professional soccer player before the mission so we kinda destroyed everyone else. It was sweet. 

We had splits and I was will Elder R. Santos. It rained soooooooooooo much. It was freaking crazy!! there was like a river in the road. Our best investigators kinda bailed on us... so that really sucked. We will keep working on them though but Remillson and Rita might not be baptized for a little while. 

Wednesday, we only taught one lesson.... yeah it was bad. It's because we had to go to a baptismal interview because elder Araújo is the district leader here. Then at 7 we had a family night and watched Conhecer os Mórmons. haha It was good! 

Thursday was the best because we taught an awesome plan of salvation lesson. It was sick. haha We told this lady about the spirit world and how people still have a chance to accept the gospel and she started crying and the spirit was soooooo strong. Definitely the highlight of the week. 

The other days were good. haha We had a zone conference and it was good. lol I dont even know. And yeah that was pretty much the week. We also had a Bible bash!!! It was nuts. But definitely not spiritual... But yeah!  Oh!! On the way here to email you guys I sat down to eat some food and when I sat down I bumped a table and spilled lemonade all over my pants and shoes. So we had to walk all the way back home and I changed my clothes... lol so that was fun. But yep, that was the week!!! I just wanna say the Plan of Salvation is sooooo awesome! The knowledge of it is so powerful. Love you all!!

Only one drawing this week!
Elder Davis