Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 28, 2016: Changes and Changes

SOOOO this week was pretty good!  haha Honestly...not a lot happened the first part of the week. But, let´s see....

This is how Black People smile. I tried to be black.. didn't really work

Monday, after talking with you guys, Elder Araujo and I went to the Center of Porto Seguro. It was just me and him because Elder Pedraza and Elder J. Sousa were both going to train new missionaries. So they went to Salvador for training. We decided to go to the Historical Center of Porto Seguro. This city was the first place where the Portuguese landed their ships in South America. So basically this place had a bunch of really old Catholic churches. They were pretty cool. haha 

Also, there was a HUUUUUUGE (Donald Trump) TREE! It had vines like in Tarzan and it looked like the Tree of Life... just not white... and there wasn't a great and spacious building, or an iron rod.. or Lehi. But it did have a half naked indian! He was pretty cool. We bought blow darts from him for R$10. Which is like $3! haha They work really well too! I think I´m gonna make a target and hang it up in my room. It´ll be like playing darts, but with a blowgun. AAAHHH so sick. hahaa

This is the FREAKIN AWESOME tree!

That is my blowgun!

Tuesday we dropped off Elder Araujo and Elder Pedraza and J Sousa were back so I just stayed with them. We ate some pizza too and then slept. 

Wednesday was like the same thing. We ate and then at like 4 we picked up our companions. Elder Pedraza´s companion looks EXACTLY like the boss from the incredibles. The short guy who says, PAAAAAARRRRR, and then gets punched through the wall. AND HE SOUNDS LIKE HIM TOO!!! hahahahaahahahah Its so funny.

The rest of the week was good. I dont know what else really happened. I just took Elder Ferrera around and showed him to the members and Investigators. haha He's a cool guy. He is a Brazilian and doesnt speak english. But he's really cool and funny. He´s a little impatient with me at times but it´s all good. I just got to remember to trust in the Lord, and have the Love of God with me and all will be good...I think... haha! 

These trees are pretty neat!

But another highlight this week is I have been reading quite a bit in Jesus the Christ. I just can't put that book down!! I freaking love learning about our Savior and Eldest brother. My testimony of Him has grown so much. He endured so much for us. Because of his sacrifice we all have the amazing opportunity to obtain Eternal Life and live and get to know Christ and our Father forever! I love this gospel. I know it´s true. 

Elder Davis 

This is a member in the ward.
Oh ps. On Saturday we were fast walking back to our house because Elder Ferrera needed to go pee... and we got to the house and he ran to the bathroom and the pee came out right when he entered the bathroom... It was soooooo funny. So yeah...my companion peed himself! hahahah