Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 5, 2016: Boa Tarde!!

Boa Tarde!!!

How is it going everyone? I hope life is great for you guys. This week has been a crazy one. I gotta say... it´s been a little challenging with my new companion... but it´s alright. I´m learning to love him and have patience for him. 

SOOOOO Monday... we went and played a card game called President. It is pretty fun. haha And I always was the president. I just am too good I guess. Afterwards, we went to the center and played some more soccer. So nothing crazy cool. So I didn't take anymore pictures..... Sorry guys. I will take some next time... There was a freaking beautiful sunset this week and I didn't have my camera so I couldnt capture it. But maybe I will start bringing my camera around with me so I can take more pics. idk

Tuesday... This was the interesting day.... In the morning Elder Ferrera was kinda grumpy and I was kinda grumpy too. We didn't have anyone make us lunch so we went to Elder J. Sousa´s house to make Macarrao. We were there pretty long becuase we had some troubles with cooking. it was like 2:00 already so we needed to get going. So I went to get Elder Ferrera and he was trying to take a nap in a bed. I told him that we needed to go and get work done. He didn't really like that and got really mad.... I will send a voice memo describing it. But yeah so the whole day he was mad at me and I was just basically not talking to him. I wasn't rude I just kinda shut off socially. haha It was awkward. 

Luckily, Wednesday was better.... hahha we had a Zone Conference early in the morning. It was good. I got my suit finally. haha So that was sweet! After the zone conference I started talking to Elder Ferrera about the mission and his goals and my goals and stuff and kinda got him to change his views about everything. We got closer and he decided to work a little harder and help train me better. Because he's kinda a slacker... He just doesn't have the best work ethic. He has a lot of potential though. He is a really good teacher for the investigators. haha

Thursday and Friday were good. Not a ton happened. I don't even know what to write every week guys to be honest... hahaha I'm waiting for another crazy story. But with our investigators we are doing great. We have a batismo this week for an investigator named Berg. He is pretty cool. He was really easy investigator but yeah this week he will be baptized. Next week we have at least one more baptism for a young boy named Kaleb. Also, this month our investigator named Henrique will be baptized and another one named Aline. Also, it´s possible that we can help more people out too. Those are our best investigators though. So pray for them to continue to progress and to recieve the holy ghost in their lives. 

This week we have passed out Christmas promotion cards for the church. It is about being a Light to the World. I think this is a great thing to do in our lives. There is always so much each of us can do to improve the lives of the people around us. I have made it a goal to be more Christlike and to do everything I can to improve the lives of the people here in Baianão. I believe that is the most important thing we can do in our lives. Baptisms are good. But the most important is to come unto Christ and through our examples and actions others will come unto Him as well. So that is my biggest thing I am focusing on here. However, it isn't something that is exactly measurable so it's hard to report it every week for you guys. But honestly, I know that Christ lives. Every time I try to be more like him, my relationship with him grows, and everytime, I am amazed at the sacrifice Jesus did for us. So I think during this time of Christmas, all of us can do something to come unto Christ better, to be better followers of him. I know he is our Savior. He lives!

Elder Davis