Monday, December 26, 2016

December 19, 2016: FAT

Hello All....
I hope everyone is doing good. I am doing great. haha This week though was for the most part pretty lame... not sure what to even write about. I will do my best though. 

SOOOO to start it off, on Monday we played more soccer... and im getting a lot better. I still suck compared to the brazillians, but I'm making improvement. haha So that's good. I think the highlight of Monday was when we got home. When I walked in, there was a tiny lizard in our house. SO naturally, I went for my blowgun. Because, who knows, it could've been poisonous. So I took a shot at it, kinda as a joke, and I actually hit it! So it kinda died. I know! I'm a terrible person. For all you vegetarians out there, I'm sorry I'm wasting good meat! But I kinda just threw him out to the rabid dogs! I did take a picture though!!! That is actually probably the highlight of the whole week... I felt like one of those naked indians I saw on the history tour!

Dead lizard that I killed with my blowgun!

 ANYWAYS, Tuesday... Tuesday was good a little weird though with Elder Ferreira. We didn't have lunch so we met up with Elder J Sousa and ELder R Santos to make food. Me and Elder R Santos bought it all because they didn't have money. After, Elder R Santos told my comp to hold the groceries and he just smiled and said no. SO I was like, dude you gotta do something, if you don't help you don't need to eat. And Elder R Santos said the same thing. AND he said, OK I won't eat then..... I thought it was a joke but we made dinner and he didn't eat. He just laid in bed. Really weird. haha But after that it was fine, the day went well. 

Drawing of my brother Hunter!

On wednesday we had splits and I went with Elder J Sousa in his area. He is such a cool guy. He's one of my best friends out here. I hope I get to be comps with him. AND then...the rest of the week was kinda lame. Because on Thursday I woke up with Huge fat lip, Diarrhea, a fever and a headache! So that sucked! So we didn't work that hard... President said to just take it easy. SO I was like that until Saturday... 

Some kind of bug bit me and gave me a fat lip!

Then Saturday, we had a baptism! It was great! I baptized Kalebe. He is a 9 year old child of a less active... so it was a quick teaching process but it was still a good baptism. I had to baptize him twice because I said the wrong words the first time.. hahaa. Then on Sunday, we went to his house to pick him up for the confirmation and he wasn't home... So we told his mom if she can make it by the 2nd hour we could still confirm him. (the second hour is our sacrament meeting) HE SHOWED UP. It was awesome. I wanted to jump with joy. hahaha But it was great. SO that was my week my friends. Pretty nifty. 

Baptism of Kalebe

Also, Christmas is coming up! I love this time out here because we testify of Christ even more! I know He lives and loves each one of us! Keep that in mind this holiday!!! AND..... MERRRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL!
Elder Davis