Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 12, 2016: Monkey Business

Ola! Tudo bem amigos??

Esta semana foi muito bem. A gente teve uma conferencia de zona para Natal. So yeah we had a conference for Christmas with our zone. It was good! It was basically just training and stuff for the most part but it was good. That was definitely the highlight of the week. And I saw monkeys, in REAL LIFE so that was pretty freaking legit. 

But, anyways to start it off, last P day we played some more soccer and stuff. really cool. I can't even find the words about how much I love soccer. Brincadera!  It sucks! haha But it still is fun. Basically I'm just not very good at soccer but I still play and have a good time every time. haha But yeah that was pday. And I didn't feel like taking pictures of people kicking a ball around so I don't have pictures for this week..... hehe!

Tuesday I´m gonna be honest... I don't remember what happened.. OH I did share a good message of being a light of the world with an inactive family. It was great. The spirit was really strong and I think they are slowly starting to change. 

Wednesday the AP came down and did splits with us. He is an american from Texas. We still talked in Portugues but he was really cool and it was fun to talk to him and learn from him. AND we did a service project!  We cleaned 8 dogs. ONE MEMBER owns 8 DOGS! I don't understand. But yeah we cleaned all of them. It only took like an hour. 

Thursday was basically just full of training.. It was good but long. We woke up earlier and went to the center and had the zone conference. After training we had lunch and went to the history center. But I already went there. So it was kinda just a repeat. Then we went to a museum of the history of how Brasil started in Porto Seguro. All of the pictures were suuuper blown up pictures from like Wikipedia so it was pretty ghetto looking. But for some people it was probably kinda interesting. And there was a tent building about the indians and it just had a bunch of pictures of naked indians. I guess they didn't believe in clothing. So us, as missionaries, weren't really sure what to look at. Especially with the Mission President right there with us... hahaah But we got through it. lol The best part was I saw monkeys! They were trying to eat a baby bird though... so that was kinda messed up. haha Then we did a white elephant and for my gift I bought 10 packs of ramen noodles and wrapped them up. It was pretty funny. I got a rubix cube. So I'm trying to figure that thing out without throwing it against the wall.... 

Friday we did freak.. I cant even remember.... I think we taught some lessons... then we had family night and played Ninja. I taught the Brazilians Ninja and now they are obsesssed with that game. hahaa its pretty funny. 

Saturday was lame because we really didn't do much. My companion was in a bad mood. So we are working on that. Also, the guy that was supposed to be baptized didn't show so that was kinda rough. I think this next week we will have 2 baptisms though. 

Sunday we had a District conference (and it was a translation) and Elder Holland talked. At first he tried talking in Portugues but then spoke the rest in english with someone translating it all. It was good though! After that we had to go ask all the members for them to make lunch for us because we didn't have any food. Luckily, a nice lady made food for 4 starving members and we were saved. haha 

So all in all this week was good! It just went by really fast. Kinda weird. It was really cool this week testifying of Jesus Christ. Reading Jesus the Christ, I have learned sooooo much about Him. I'm so grateful for his love for all of us!

Elder Davis