Saturday, November 26, 2016

November 21, 2016: TRANSFERS and MAAAGGIICC!

Howdy all!

LOL!  Did that sound like Jordan´s emails? So this week was great... I'm loving it out here. This week was probably the rainiest week I´ve ever lived through. I think it rained every single day. Two of the days it literally rained for 6 hours without stopping. There was flooding all over the place. I think it covered the whole state of Bahia. In other cities I guess people even lost their homes to the rain.. Don't know how that happens exactly but it was nuts!  haha I liked it though! It wasn't nearly as hot... still humid.. but it was good:) 

So I think the best way to start the email of this magically awesomeness is by talking about P-day last week. So on Pday it was raining really bad so we decided to just go to the apartment of Elder Pedraza and Elder J. Sousa. We played some card games there. Elder J. Sousa has a ton of "Magic the Gathering" cards. So we played that. THAT GAME IS SO FUN. haha Its a really cool strategy card game. I definitely will buy some when I get home. BUT overall, I dont think I wanna play to much more of that game. Maybe every once in a while on P-day but I wanna stay focused on my purpose here and get better at the language. So other than rain and magic not a lot happened this week. 

We had an investigator named Henrique that was supposed to get baptized last Saturday but he decided he wasnt ready even though he's been investigating the church for 7 months. So that was too bad. Also all of our other good investigators need to get married first. So they are all working on that. After marriage, we can baptize quite a few people. I guess it´s just kinda hard to get married here. Its a really big process.

Recife Brazil Temple

I think one of the coolest things was a small group in our branch did a temple trip. It´s like a 26 hour drive to the temple there. During church they had those people bear their testimony. They all said how thankful they were for the oppurtunity to have a temple so close to them. They already are planning another trip in a couple months. It made me really think about how before the mission I rarely went to the temple. I always just told myself that I was too busy. But then I would just go play video games or something. Temples are so amazing though and I invite all you guys to make a goal to go to the temple more! The work being done there is amazing. 

Another spiritual thing this week, I just wanna say how awesome the Book of Mormon is. It is the word of God. No doubt. The  more I read it and ponder about it the more sure I am about this. And honestly if you just look at the facts of how the book of mormon became available to us, theres no way you could doubt that. But, facts are never enough, especially because everyone has their different interpretation of the facts. That's why a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon is crucial. If you know the Book of Mormon is true, everything else has to be true too! The Book of Mormon is so amazing I love it. I love being out here sharing this knowledge with other people. I love you all!!! Have a great spiritual week!

Elder Davis

OHHH p.s. Transfers happened. lol I am getting a new companion on Wednesday named Elder Ferrera. I'm staying in Porto Seguro too. So that's awesome. I really love it here!