Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016: Many, Many Crazy Sights!

What's Up Everyone?

Okay this week I had many, many crazy sights!  Actually just one...but I'll get to that in a bit!

So this week was great. I´m loving it out here! The first week was a bit of a culture shock but this week I´m used to everything and am loving it. Weird things... they sell "Halls" here everywhere! It's candy to them. I had one and it tastes exactly like the medicine back at home.. haha   Also, the place where we live, the members that live below us have a dog that looks and sounds just like Sammy! Just not as fat... but still a little weird. Also there are dogs everywhere!  They all look like they have rabies.  In addition, there are horses everywhere. Just random horses without an owner grazing on the... trash. haha It's kinda weird. They are super skinny and look like they have rabies too. So that's fun! haha

Picture I drew of Nephi making his wooden bow!

So, after emailing you guys last week we went to a big island in the ocean and rode a boat to it!  It was so cool. It's a big tourist area.

There was a leather shop and they had the coolest stuff!  They had these wine/water bottles that the outside was a cow leg!! haha And they had these viking style hats! The coolest thing though was they had cow horns made into actual horns.. like bugles.. haha one of them looked exactly like Borimir´s horn (in Lord of the Rings) I wanted to buy it soooo bad. But I decided to wait. haha 

Me holding the COW LEG water bottle!
Tuesday was the interesting day. So I woke up with a bunch of bug bites. Then we picked up the member that we were teaching with and went to the first investigator's house. We were teaching the Restoration to a mom, her sister, baby, and kids. Anyways I started talking and was gathering my thoughts on Joseph Smith, and when I looked up, the lady had her boob out breastfeeding her baby!! I literally was so shocked I forgot all that I wanted to say. Then I just badly finished my part about Joseph Smith, while looking at the sister and just the eyes of the mom... and then when my companion was talking I just looked at him the whole time. I didn't even wanna look over at the lady. Eventually she finished up and it was all good. But then I was bearing my testimony and she had it out again!! So basically it was a bad lesson and we aren't going back there. haha After that I stepped in dog poo and stuff. And something else happened that sucked but around like 5 I was looking back at the day and just started laughing and changed my attitude about it all. So my day was good despite all that happened. (Although I´d rather not have a lady do that again. hahaha)

After that, the week was pretty calm. The language is coming along really well. It´s really clicking in my head. And when I have the spirit with me while I'm teaching I literally just start talking calmly and normally. It´s amazing! I would be teaching and would start using words that I forgot I even knew. They´d just come to me. haha  Also one of the sisters that is in our district said that one of the Brazillian elders was talking to her and said my conjugation of verbs is better  than hers (and shes been out for 10 months)! haha I didn't really know how to respond to her... I just kinda said uhhh thanks... and sorry I guess. hahaha  But she talked overall waaayyy better than me so it´s all good. 

Me and Elder Araújo
My companion is really cool! He´s kinda quiet but he's really patient and is a good trainer. Also I guess on Saturday they all want me to teach an english class! haha So hopefully that goes well. On Sunday we had the Mission President come and we had a District Conference. (Which is just like Stake conferences at home. Except, with less people.) It was really good and we had a lot of members come from neighboring cities. I started practicing the piano again. I remember quite a lot. I can play pretty much any song by ear and can still read the music well. I just need to work on my finger work. haha 

Live long and play the piano...
My area is apparently one of the poorest areas in the mission but I love it so much! The people here are soooo nice. Anyways that was my week! I love you all! and I know that this church is true. I watched the restoration video this week and man Joseph Smith is freaking awesome. I know that he was called of God and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
So I was drawing someone and it turned out to be Jordan...

(PS Let me know if you have any picture requests)

Love you all,
Elder Davis