Friday, October 7, 2016

October 5, 2016: Senioritis is REAL!

What's up guys? 

I'm so excited to leave this place... that sounds bad.. but it kinda sucks after 6 weeks! It's just super repetitive and boring. But it's also cool to be able to learn Portuguese and stuff. So thats good.. hahaa 

General Conference was Awesome!! I loved it. My favorite talk was easily the Alma and Amulek talk during priesthood session by Uchtdorf! Learn from Alma and Amulek Everyone should look it up and read it. Just read it with a purpose! A purpose to learn something new! And look for things to apply in your life! 

I also liked The Plan of Salvation Talk by Uchtdorf. O How Great the Plan of Our God! It was awesome. I think its really true how much we take things for granted. It's just human nature. I think also we take for granted our faith in the gospel and the gift of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we haven't really ever felt the Holy Ghost but that's because we have it in our lives soooo much when we are doing what we should. And other times, we really just aren't trying to feel the Holy Ghost. I testify, that the Power of the Holy Ghost is real and I know that you all can pray for yourselves to know if it is true too. That's the best way to figure it out. 

Anyways this is the last short email:) Hopefully... I will be out of here next week! Not sure when my P day will be though... But I am super excited to go to the field. It will be super super hard at first but over time it will get better. Also, I will try to send pictures today.... but I just realized when I sat down to email you guys that I lost my camera. It must have fell out of my pocket on the bus ride back or something..... SORRY MOM!  I'm sure I'll be able to find it, so I'm not worried. But I dont know if I will have it by today or whatever:)

Oh something funny this week. The new brazilian elders that got here are on our floor. One of them smells sooooo bad. I don't even understand it!  It's just a really weird aroma that fills up the whole hall! Everytime we get to the floor we walk into the hall and just gag! Haahahah It make no sense how one man can smell that bad so strongly. Hahha But whatever.  It is how it is. 

Also, when we play volleyball every day, we aren't allowed to jump! But it's fine because I can still spike it on everyone just standing so that's pretty awesome...hahahah!   We had proselyting last Saturday too. It was good. (Really quick and easy haha)  So Saturday was a great day! Other than that not much happened. Next time I write I will be in a different area!!! Super Awesome! 

Elder Davis