Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 28, 2016: Now Playing..."The Phantom Menace"

Hello Family!

This week was good. haha Its pretty boring to talk about though.. just a bunch of studying and class time. Its basically as entertaining as the Phantom Menace. haha 

So, I'm just gonna talk about some of the highlights of the week and stuff and hope that will suffice for you guys. So to start, everyday when we are in the shower, my companion and I sing The Saga Begins, by Weird Al. And somehow... I still remember every single word of the song. hahaha It's freakin awesome! I love the force. 

Me covered in the "FORCE"!

Okay.. I got your letters!! that was awesome. haha usually the only person who gets letters is Elder Scheer. He gets letters every day pretty much. But yeah that was super nice. I was a little suprised though at Colton´s handwriting in it... hahaha What grade is he in now? ;) Just kiddin Colty!

So the only bad part of the week was we kinda got chastised on Sunday. So the Sunday before last Sunday, the second counselor was in and when we were making district goals for the week he said that we need to have one of our goals be speaking portuguese for the whole day and you get one hour in the morning and night for English.  We were not ready for that and so we didn't finalize anything!  Once he left we just decided to do all Portuguese between like breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.  Well, this Sunday, of course, he came in again.... and when he heard us go over goals he kinda roasted us for 5 minutes saying that he was disappointed in us and stuff.. It´s all good though. So this week we are trying it out. Its super hard and we aren't perfect at it but some of the people in the district are slower at learning Portuguese so its good for us. 

Ummm next, I don't think I told you guys this, but I am on the 7th floor of the MTC. Also, we cant use the elevators... so we run up the stairs multiple times a day. My calves are gonna be huuuuuuuge. haha 

Brazil from our 7th floor view

During a devotional from BYU, Elder Cook was talking and he told us "Not to make Caricatures of our mission presidents" aaannnnnd, I already have.. and I did one of Elder Holland too. hahah When he said that everyone in my district looked at me. haha He meant it in a different way but it was still pretty funny!

Caricature of Elder Holland:)

Crazy food story... They always have a dessert for us and it generally is some really weird pudding or Jello. The consistency of the food is not normal. This time, I grabbed some Jello and literally spilled the jello on my plate. Once I sat down I put my spoon in it and it was just liquid.  I think they just messed up on it or something though, haha but normally when we have jello it still is really watery and thin!

 Also, figured out my bedding problem. When our Brazilian roommates left, we didn't get any new ones, so we put the bunk beds together and it was like a giant queen bed. Pretty freakin legit... but now we are getting new roommates so we had to move it back. Ohhhhh also! Every night we get Lanche which is just a snack with like juice boxes and chocolate and stuff and we inherited a bunch that a leaving district was saving up.  So one night, we played juice pong with them! haha It was way fun! 

Okay I have a really cool thought and stuff but I think I wanna say it in the voice recorder I have... So you guys should all just read Moroni 10. SUUPer goood chapter. And follow the invitation in verses 4-5. Love you guys! You're in my prayers. 

Elder Davis