Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016: Sewer Flies and Bad Unibrow's


How´s it going? Life here is going just fine. haha It has it´s good and boring days but I´m doing great. 

So a couple of funny things.. One of my brazilian roomates is very weird. haha
I´m not sure what his deal is but he tucks his white button up shirt into his garments, then puts on a tight pair of purple boxer briefs, then puts on a pair of blue PE shorts, and then he puts on his pants.. It´s soooo weird. I am not sure why he does it and I´m too scared to ask.. hahaha. Also, I don´t think I mentioned this but there´s a ton of sewer flies that are in the showers. So when I turn it on, all the flies come flying out of the faucet. Pretty gross but they´re really small. Also, last week at the temple session, we went on a Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday so they weren´t prepared for us. So, at the end we had to speak in portuguese for everything (that´s all the detail I´m gonna give about that) but we couldn´t read off a card or anything so it was SUPER hard. haha I just mumbled and made random noises with my mouth because the guy wouldn`t slow down. Also, I don´t really love the Portuguese hymns. Quite a few of them don´t really work with the tunes so they just sound weird. For example, I Believe in Christ is different because it ends with cristo.. haha. 

Sao Paulo Brazil

So for the week, Thursday, probably one of the funniest things that has happened.. So my companion Elder Cordingly had this super bad unibrow.. the hairs went halfway down his nose.. I just assumed he knew about it and didn´t care. Because it was pretty hard to miss... Especially from the side.. But on Thursday we were in the bathroom, and he was like,(I cant find the quotation button..) Wow! did you notice I had a unibrow? I was like yeah.. hahahahaha so that night he plucked it all and looked like a different person.. kinda. 
Friday, Today was pretty good. We had a lot of free time and so I brought my sketchbook to class with me.. and during Prep time where nobody was doing anything I was just drawing. And for lessons I teach fake investigators with my companion and the only sister in our district. She got really stressed that I was just drawing, but she didn´t really tell me what else I needed to do.. so the lessons werent the best. But, I drew a freakin awesome picture of Groot!! so thats a plus for me. But she did get mad at me kinda which got me frustrated and put me in a kinda bad mood for Saturday. 

Freakin Awesome Picture of Groot!

So on Saturday I was kinda bugged and the sister and then it grew to me getting bugged with other people too. So it was a decent day. I just sat in class and didnt really do much. But it was a good experience for me to have to work on letting go of my pride and changing my attitude. Which is pretty tough even for something like that. OH! and by the way my companion is literally typing with only two fingers next to me.. I guess they never made him learn how to use all his fingers in Idaho. haha 
Sunday was really good. We had a good meeting and at the end there was a broadcasted devotional from Elder Christoffereson. It was really good. I really love the spirit here. There´s a ton of really cool pictures and stuff. 
Monday was really good too. The breakfast was actually pretty good and for american night we had some really good sloppy joes that I had 5 of. So that was awesome. Also, I was able to strengthen my relationships with everyone in my district. I had a good PokemonGO and videogame chat with Elder Vander Werff. That was nice. haha
Tuesday was good and bad. Bad, because I started getting sick. Slowly throughout the day I got a pretty bad sore throat. But, we did splits with a brazilian companion and we had to teach a lesson with them. It was really fun. My companion said we are just going to go by the spirit and just talk about the restoration lesson from memory.. That was freaky. I thought it would be super hard, but it was awesome, It was a good challenge to just speak freely in Portuguese to everyone. But, it worked really well, and we got a baptism.. from a missionary acting as an investingator but thats cool. Also, we watched an old MTC broadcast from Elder Holland at the Provo MTC. IT WAS SOOOO GOOOD. I don´t think you guys have access to those but it was the best talk I´ve ever heard. His testimony is so strong. He said some cool stuff about jesus and missionaries. At one point he was telling us how hard it was going to be and said there is never a hard mission. He said the road to Salvation always goes through Gethsemane. so cool. Also, He said I can´t Imagine losing a sheep, but I can´t concieve losing a sheperd. That struck me super hard. He said missions should mean so much to everyone. He was talking about how he could´nt imagine someone going inactive after serving a mission. The spirit was so strong it brought tears to my eyes. haha which doesn´t happen very often... haha Anyways that was my week. I´m still figuring out how to send picutres. I just have to figure out the password to their WiFi and I´ll be good. 
Scripture of the week D+C 121-122. Those chapters are so powerful. Especially if you´re going through a difficult trial.

Love you guys!
Elder Davis