Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sept. 21, 2016: Wazzzup?!!?!?


So this week was pretty neat.  I have been sick this entire week... I have had a bad runny nose and cough and stuff. Haha but I'm almost all the way better so it's cool. I think this letter is gonna be a little bit different because all the days here are pretty much the same, so I don't wanna talk about what I did every day. It'll probably be more entertaining that way too.

             Soooooo to start off, my sleeping situation is pretty special.. haha! We have these super small twin beds... They are probably triplets instead. Haha!  ANYWAY.... I'm on the top bunk and my feet hang off the bed by like a foot or so. So thats pretty uncomfortable. Haha! and... I literally have lost an item of bedding every single night. Everything just keeps falling down to my companions bed. For example, one night I lost a pillow, the other night my blanket, and stuff like that.. hahaha! It was pretty rough. I didn't get much sleep those nights.

What I look like when I don't get any sleep!

             Next, the hot dogs on Monday were like orange... but that was the only thing to eat, and I was hungry.. so I had three and that wasn't very good for my system... Hahaha!!! 
         Oh! Highlight of the week was Saturday, we went proselyting.. Anyways they give us each three BOMs (Books of Mormons') and drop us off at this busy place in the city. It was kinda scary at first but it definitely got better.. We talked to a dude for like 50 minutes about the gospel and the book of mormon and missions and stuff. It was crazy hard. Haha but it was fun. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he wants to talk to us again, (when we go next) so I told him we would, as long as he reads the Book of Mormon beforehand. Haha! That was cool though. 
       In the city, there is sooooo  much graffiti. It is very ugly graffiti though. It was just like weird looking letters and stuff. It is literally on every wall and building. It's kinda sad because if it weren't for all the graffiti and trash everywhere, the city could be suuuuuper pretty. 
      Also, the cars here are pretty weird... they are similar to the cars in america... but they are super small and the wheels are tiny!! The only trucks they have here are some weird chevy trucks, that looks like a car in the front...

The best part of the city:)
     Okay. Funny story.. We have TRC which is basically sharing a message with a fake member for 30 minutes. To take up time, we always start out with a hymn. We were singing, I know that my redeemer lives in Portuguese, and we started singing and I hear this super high pitched opera voice... The member is going full opera! It was really weird!!!! I was doing everything I could not to laugh, and then all of the sudden the sister teaching with us starts laughing, and then me and my companion started laughing.. I stop quickly but they had a harder time holding it in.... and we sang all four verses.. So this happened two more times during the hymn. I didn't laugh anymore but the other two did and the member just kept nervously singing.. It was suuper weird.

The member singing opera needs this mask! HaHa

      Next, Elder Vanderwerff wanted to do something crazy, so he shaved his legs, and I wanted to do something to so I just shaved one side of my leg from the sock line down.. it actually is pretty comfy.. all my leg hairs don't get that bed head feeling from sleeping in my socks. Hahahahahahaha!!!

My beautiful shaved ankle!

         So next... I found out how to use my talent! One of the brazilian dudes in our room likes to do art too and one of the nights I ended up teaching him a lot about how to draw faces and make them look realistic. It was pretty cool.

       Next, the spirit here is super strong. I think I have told you guys that before but I really love it. I heard a cool thought. Don't just read the book of mormon to read it. It's a good book but you've gotta have a better purpose for reading than just reading it because you have to. When we have a purpose and read with real intent we get sooooo much more out of it. I promise. My testimony of the gospel has grown so much. I challenge you guys to all read the Book of Mormon this week. and REALLY read it. and then pray about what you read. Oh and begin with a prayer too. It makes it so much better. Anyways, I love you all! and I'll talk to ya next week!

Kirk out
Elder Davis