Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 8, 2016: Oi!!!

Whats up fam?

Life in the CTM is pretty great! Its been a crazy week! The language is coming along very quickly! It´s really suprising how quickly I´m able to comunicate with and understand the language. There´s a couple weird things at the CTM though... first is that this stupid keyboard is a Portuguese keyboard so it´s super hard to type with it. It says every single word I type is wrong. Second I´m not able to send pictures here. The computers don´t have the capability. Also, super weird... the toilet paper doesn´t come in rolls.. Yeah.. it´s just like a bunch of napkins. Haha not very easy to use.. That´s all I´m gonna say about that. The food here is pretty good though! I always look forward to the rice and beans here. Sometimes they have weird food, like watery jello and stuff like that. On American night.. they did hot dogs and mashed potatoes... it was the grossest thing I´ve ever had... the hot dogs were soaked in some weird orange sauce stuff.

Elder Davis with Elder and Sister Grahl

Anyways, On Wednesday, I had a lot of fun. I thought the second day would be really hard for me but honestly, I had an awesome time. My companion is awesome and so is my district. It was just an orientation day though so it was loonnnnnng and boring. It literally felt like that day was a whole week! Also, I was worried I would start gaining weight here because I eat as much as possible and then we just sit in a classroom all day. Haha 

The next day was really tiring too. Me and my district had a ton of fun though and we kinda had a hard time staying on task... we´d just keep cracking jokes and stuff. haha We taught our first lesson in Portuguese to a fake investigator... It was really bad. haha We were just reading stuff. We couldn´t understand a thing.. We taught about the restoration and had about 30 minutes so to take up time my companion read the entire first vision from like verse 11-22 or something!! It was sooooooo funny. It´s hard to read Portuguese at the first so it took like ten minutes. I was just trying not to laugh in the middle of the lesson. Hahaha Also, they told us that we should drink a TON of water or else we´d get a kidney stone from sitting around so long. So... I literally peed 8 times that day.... it was kinda ridiculous.

Friday´s food was good so the day had to be good.. right? It was. But today we didn´t even have a physical activity to do so we were in class from 6:30 until 9:00... besides food breaks. haha pretty rough. But, it was alright we had fun and the lesson went much better. I decided today to start working harder because we have been having a little too much fun and we´ve had too little studying. 

Saturday was good. it started off super boring and long... and honestly I don´t remember why. But, it finished off really well. Oh! by the way Im really enjoying studying the scriptures every morning. We only have 40 minutes but I love it! ... (I thought you´d like to hear that mother). Haha We played basketball today which was awesome. the courts are shorter and the basketballs are smaller but it was still fun. Today I was super impressed with how much of the language I knew. I really wanna testify of the power of the Gift of Tongues. There is no way I would have made this much progress without it. We also read the Book of Mormon together as a district in Portuguese. It was with our instructor, Irmao Sosa, he looks like a sloth... but he is a cool guy. We read it all and then he told us that hearing us read had strengthened his faith. I guess we made a lot of improvement with the language in just a few days! It was really cool. Also, near the end of the night, our other insturctor Irma Maldonado, told us some really cool things about baptism.

(I gotta start summarizing faster because I don´t really have any time)... Sunday was good and really relaxing, Monday and Tuesday were super fast and boring. We didn´t learn very much and I was starting to get really sick of this one guy in our district. He looks like a younger Jeff Dunn and he´s from Texas...(he´s super obnoxious at times but, I looked past that and I´m doing better with him.)  Wednesday was also super cool! Elder Anderson came and had a really good talk. He talked a lot about repentance. I really liked it. Anyways, that´s what my week has been like. haha I´ve been drawing every day. I´ve made it a goal to do so. I´ll try to email everyone I can with the time I have!!

Bom Dia!
Elder Davis