Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 30, 2016: I'm Alive!

Well I made it! 

The flight was interesting.. the first flight I sat next to a guy going to the military. He was really talkative, and we ended up playing poker on the digital thing together. It was pretty funny. haha A missionary and a soldier were playing poker together. Anyways, after that me and the other elder on my flight had to hurry over to the next flight. We almost missed it. It was in the final boarding stage. The next flight I sat next to an elder going to the same mission as me! So, it was cool to get to know him and talk about it all. I learned a very important lesson on my flight... I am very tall! I couldn't really fit in my seat. My legs were jammed up against the seat in front of me. I couldn't fall asleep the whole 9 hours! It was rough. 

Best flight of my life!

Haha But after that we got through the airport smoothly and now we are being shown around the CTM. I am told my next P day will be next Wednesday. Either way, I'm glad I made it. Figuring out what to do at the flights wasn't too confusing. Also, my companion is Elder Cordingly. We are currently waiting on our suitcases to get to the CTM. So, hopefully I have clothes to wear tonight. haha Even though the flight has been long and I've had a long day, it's been good. I'm super excited to be here. I'll write you guys more next week!! 

Elder Davis

P.S. Here are some photos of me at the airport when I left on August 29th.