Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017: BELEZA?


BELEZA?? How is everyones´ lives? haha Life in Big ol´ Brasil is great! The work is coming along just great! 

So my week was pretty sweet. Monday afternoon we went on a little hike thing that brought us really close to a rocky beach.  But, it was a really cool place. 

This was a failed selfie...I was the only one looking. Thought it was funny!

SO we were outside for a few hours... and my companion and I forgot sunscreen. WE GOT FRIED. I was WAY red. So the next few days hurt to wear a church shirt. haha 

A little Fried!

Tuesday was really cool. IT RAINED SOOOO MUCH. There were rivers in the roads! haha Also, we ate lunch at the church and the parking lot turned into a swimming pool. There was so much water... (And no mom, I didn´t take any pictures, my camera battery died) But so basically that whole day it was just pouring! 

Then, on Wednesday we had a Zone Conference. So we woke up early and went to the chapel in a different area at 8:00 and stayed there until around 4:00. It was way cool though. We got some new training, which was actually really interesting. Then one of the assistents came to our area and worked with us. It was fun. We taught some good lessons and learned good things from him. 

Elder cuevas
The rest of the week was good too. But like usual, I get bored of typing on these computers... I won´t go into huge detail of what happened. But we were inspired by the Zone Conference to work even harder and to be more dilligent in our work. So we made goals and began working harder. But as we worked harder, nobody seemed to be home. Our appointments that we marked with our investigators fell through. So on Friday we walked around a ton and didn´t get very much results. But it was still really good. We actually found one lady early in the morning that is really interested in our messages. And if we wouldn´t have been more diligent in leaving the house right at 10:00, we wouldn´t have found her. Because she is only home in the early mornings. So that was a really cool example of how we are definitely guided by the spirit when we pray and ask for help. Alrighty, love you guys!

More pictures from our Hike.

Elder Davis