Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 27, 2017: A POOPY Week!

Well Hello Hello My Wonderful Fans,

This week was great... and like the subject line states, "POOPY". But, allow me to explain.

OKay, so this was a great week. It started with Monday which was great. I got some good ping-pong playing in. I am getting pretty good at ping-pong. haha

Ping Pong!

After at 6 we decided to go back home and get to work. We didn´t have anyone marked down for that night but we decided to try one of our investigators named Felipe. He hasn´t been home recently, but he was Home!!! It was awesome. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, and the spirit was very strong. We had invited him earlier to be baptized, but he said he didn´t want to at the moment. With this lesson we taught the importance of Baptism and we focused on the purpose of life here on this earth. We invited him again, he still didn´t have the desire to be baptized. However, he committed to pray and ask God if it is right for him. He said that if he recieved an answer will follow it. He closed the lesson with the prayer and he asked for guidance that he might know the correct path. SO cool. He hasn´t been home in our last few visits we made to his house, so we don´t know how he is doing at the moment. BUT pray for him that God may show him The Way!


So that was just a great start for the week. Another highlight of the week was on Tuesday. We had lunch at a member´s house. They live wayyy far away and they have like a farm. BUT, it´s not a farm like with vegetables, but with fruit! It was waaaayy cool. We tried a bunch of weird exotic fruits. And they showed us this hot pepper that they had. The guy said it was so hot that it makes you want to poop... So for that reason it is called Quero cagar. Or... "I want to poop" hahaha It was very funny. 

"I want to Poop" Peppers
Me eating exotic fruit:)

So I don´t remember how many days this was at our front porch, but a dog (or human, I´m not sure) POOPED in our entrance to our house. And then it rained... so it was mushy.... So we didn´t clean it up the first two days... But it was stinking up our whole house. So in the end we cleaned it up. haha

The rest of the week was good too. We taught a lot of good lessons and we have a lot of good investigators. We had a district meeting on Wednesday and it was raining SUPER hard, but we wanted to buy some food... for the meeting. haha So we sprinted to a padaria, and bought some food and sprinted back to the church. It was awesome. And we were so drenched.

Drawing of Kylo Ren

 The last highlight of the week was Yesterday. We went teaching with a member. We visited one of his friends and the lesson was going very well! The spirit was very strong and I invited him to baptism and he accepted. BUT during the lesson, a bird POOPED on my shirt! I felt something hit my shirt, I thought it was a water drop so I brushed it off, but it was dark gray and stinky poop. I didn´t actually see the bird... but I felt the poop. hahah Only my companion noticed though so it´s all good. haha It will probably come out in the wash. Well, I gotta say this week was great. Even though it involved a lot of poop! 

Star Wars Flip Flops

I have been studying Jesus the Christ and one thing that caught my eye was what Jesus said about the sacrament. He said that I am the Bread of Life. He explains the importance of the sacrament for all of us. I encourage all of you to study about the sacrament and to apply it to when you partake of it! It really makes a difference when we are focused on the purpose! I love you all!! Have an amazing week!!!

Elder Davis