Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017: A Semana de Milagres

Greetings my Fellowmen,

How is everyone? Well I am not doing so well at the moment... I am trying to type with a really bad keyboard. The space button doesn´t work very well. This letter could be really short, depending on how long my patience lasts.

Well well well, This week was a good week. 

Monday, it rained a bunch. BUT then we did a family night with a less active family and they made this HUGE cake!! It was sooooo good. I loved it. 

This cake is bigger than my head!

TUESDAY was pretty good, if you can´t tell by the capital letters. So we were  walking around. All of our marked lessons fell through... So that sucked. We stopped on the road to figure out what to do. I suggested that we say a prayer to be able to find someone. The spirit was very strong. We began walking and we stopped at a house to do a Gabriel Contact. The guy turned us down. Then we went farther down the road and did a contact with a man sitting  on the sidewalk. He didn´t seem very interested. Then a less active sister turned the corner. We talked with her and she told us that she is moving. We asked her if she needed  help and  her face lit up. So we helped her with the move. If we hadn´t helped them, she would have done it all alone. That was a cool experience of how we were guided by the spirit. 

Happy Birthday Colton!

Another really cool experience was on Wednesday, I think. SO we were teaching this investigator named Maria. We didn´t have any more lessons to teach her but she still was uneasy about baptism. So we began to ask the baptismal interview questions. She said that she wasn´t completely sure that Joseph Smith was a prophet. So we reviewed the first lesson, and bore our testimonies. The spirit was  very strong. I felt prompted that we should watch the 20 minute video about the first vision. We began watching it with her. There was a lot of distractions happening during the film. I was kinda nervous that she wasn´t getting the message out of it. But when the actual first vision part started, EVERYTHING quieted. A huge peace entered the room. It was very cool. After we bore our testimonies, prayed and left. As we were walking down the road we were both grinning. My companion even did a heel click. 

So I am approaching the end of my patience level... hahaha But I had an awesome week and we are working  hard to helppeople toCome  unto Christ. I have grown  so much inmytestimony of Joseph Smith and the First Vision. Elder Holland said that it is a experience we think about too little. If you guys have the time this week, reaad Joseph Smith History. Pray to know of its truthfulness. Also, you could watch the movie of Joseph Smith! Don´t take his experience for    granted!  I loveyouall!!  Ihatethiskeyboard.

Elder Davis