Monday, February 20, 2017

February 13, 2017: Awhachisupee?


Awhachisupee? haha That´s how brazillians say What´s up? It´s the way they text each other because otherwise it´s really expensive....

ANYWHO, this week was another beautiful week. Like always. I´m living it up out here in Ilheús. First off, we got the transfer calls......................................................................................................................................................

AND I am staying here! My companion is being transfered to Itapetinga. My new companion will be Elder Cueves. Apparently he is from Chile. I am surprisingly glad I am staying here. I love the people here. It´s a great place. The only problem is the Branch. But, we are working on it. So it will get better. 

This week was a great week though. I don´t have anything too crazy to report. I was pretty sick for the first part of the week with a fever and other stuff. Wasn´t very fun. haha I started getting better companion got sick. haha So he got really sick too. He is now much better. I am pretty much 100% I just still have a stuffy nose and a cough. So this week the work slowed down a bit because we were sick. On Tuesday/Wednesday I was losing my voice so nobody could understand me very well. It was pretty funny. 

Happy 16th Birthday CC!

I think the highlight was Saturday. On Saturday, we had a Mega Clean the Chapel Day. We invited all the members to come at 8:00 and we cleaned the church. We had a member make a huge lunch for everyone. So that was the prize at the end. So in the chapels, and houses, and everywhere, people just have tile floors usually. Carpet doesn´t exist. So we had to do a major mopping job for the chapel. They had the yellow mopping carts filled with soapy water, and they splashed it all over the floors. Then they scrubbed and mopped the floor with brooms.... Yes Brooms! They use brooms for everything here. It´s kinda weird. I´m not sure how effective it all was but it turned out great in the end. 

In church we have been studying and reading about President Gordon B Hinkley. He is such a great man. I also was reading the Liahona and it had an article about him. I love his attitude that he had about everything. That It will all work out. Just have faith. I have tried to apply that into my life and try to be more postitive no matter what happens. 

Also, I have studied quite a bit about repentence this week. My understanding of the principle of repentence has really grown. It is so amazing that we have the opportunity to repent. In the Worldwide missionary broadcast they said that repentence is a principle of change. It doesn´t mean we are just constantly saying sorry for things we did wrong but that we our changing our nature to become more like Christ. The gospel of Christ is so true. Make sure you are living it! It will bring joy to your lives! I love you all. Have an amazing week.

com amor,
Elder Davis